3 Books That Made Me Love Myself

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Dear Pecola and Claudia, Shirley Temple Is Dead

I just heard about Shirley Temple Black's death. I am an African-American woman who associates the child star with my childhood. Apparently she passed away last night, Monday, February 10, on my birthday. At age 85, she was almost 30 years older than I am now, born one year later than my mother. But in my mind, she's still around 6 years old, the symbol of a sweet little girl who can make it through any crisis. ...more
I have actually never seen a Shirley Temple movie. We didn't have cable, so I didn't see ...more

"Perfect" Soft Boiled Eggs with Heirloom Tomatoes and Sourdough Toast

When I started my blog I did not realize the emphasis was going to revolve around cooking. The original plan was to write about what I was doing post corporate life....more

And just like that, we are talking about Slavery around the dinner table.

These topics come up because of something Ben is learning in school. Part of me wishes they would give us some warning. But then I realize that if they left it up to group rule, our poor kids wouldn't learn anything, because adults would argue over when it's appropriate to bring up certain topics....more

Litcritsh*t From Sula By Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison’s writing is multi-layered, thick and rich with complexity; a person could read her novels over and over and still find something new to ponder in them.  She writes unforgettable prose.  I wonder how she does what she does?  It must be a god given gift....more

Is There More to Maureen Peal?

I have always loved Toni Morrison's classic novel The Bluest Eye.  It provides a brilliant glimpse into the world of Black American womanhood in the early 1940s, showing how race and class intersect.  My only regret is that this great work has never come to life on the big screen, unlike Alice Walker's The Color Purple.  Like many people familiar with The Bluest Eye, I empathize with its protagonist, young Pecola Breedlove.  Her story is ultimately one of tragedy and the...more
Morrison has said on several occasions that she feels she did not do Maureen Peal justice. She ...more

“A Mercy”, by Toni Morrison

“Writing was … the most extraordinary way of thinking and feeling. It became the one thing I was doing that I had absolutely no intention of living without.”  Toni MorrisonA book reviewer in my local paper, “San Francisco Chronicle”, Joan Frank described the most recentToni Morrison novel, “A Mercy”, as “ferociously beautiful”. (Actually, you can describe many of her books this way.)...more

Black Women, Property Twice

Sara Bartman/Venus Hottentot & Rapper Lil Kim  Courtesy of Str8OuttaNYC ...more

Can I comment as a man who USED to enjoy porno?  I see situations supporting this blatant lack ...more

Toni Morrison Endorses Barack

So! Literary genius Toni Morisson endorsed Barack Obama today. I think that's fantastic because she is the person who labeled President Clinton with the "first black president" metaphor. Which is important to note: IT WAS A METAPHOR! She didn't think he was really black, but because of his rapport with blacks, she labeled him as such. Here's what she wrote in her endorsement: ...more