Ma’am, You’re Overreacting — Please Don’t Feed The Fears

I have “in the gutter with my baby” syndrome.Never heard of it? Well, I’ll explain it to you....more

The Power of Saying No

I have a kitchen calendar that's pretty much the nerve center of our home. The kids scrawl all of their activities into the proper date boxes -- yes, even the 5-year old, who painstakingly forms each letter as I slowly spell whatever word he needs to publish on the family agenda. Doctors' appointments, meetings, conference calls ... it all ends up there. I never make a hint of plan without checking it first.This weekend, though? I have mentally stamped a big NO across both days....more

The Secret to Doing Anything. Any. Thing.

It's the Glorious Month of Gratitude. Today I have a good one for you. And it's a secret.Lean in real close, will ya, and lemme whisper in your ear ...Apparently I can do anything.For real.Go ahead. Dare me.Nah, screw that. I know at least half of you are sickos and just the thought of your possible suggestions makes me clench my buttcheeks.<shudder>So let me rephrase: I can accomplish anything. Anything that I want to....more

Going the Distance

I saw a video on YouTube and realized it was a perfect way to illustrate a resource I’ve been wanting to share with my readers. The video features two self-made multimillionaires asking self-help guru and motivational speaker Tony Robbins why some people follow through while others don’t....more

Going the Distance

Robbins then shares his “4-square” system (belief, potential, action, results) as well as how these elements are vital to momentum.  He notes that we all begin from a place where our beliefs about our potential is strong, which determines the actions we take and fuels the results we will achieve.  In essence, your results reinforce your beliefs; therefore, changing your beliefs will change your view of your potential rather than changing your potential or taking further action.  Going the distance, or following through, encourages you to visualize what you want, know why ...more

$10,000 Worth of Training, Tips and Advice from Small Business Experts For Free!!!

Can you believe it -- $10,000 worth of training, tips and advice from small business experts. I'm not kidding you. Chet Holmes, who is one of the featured advisors on is the ultimate sales expert. ...more