I have always loved the idea of meditation and on the few occasions I meditated in classes, etc., I have loved doing it....more

Your Guide to Blogging on Medium

If you regularly read articles on the Internet, chances are that you've come across a post published on Medium. I view Medium as a long form adaptation of social media for people with a lot to say. Will Medium replace traditional blogs one day, or will it enable bloggers to embrace another form of publishing and syndication? I'd like to think it strengthens traditional blogs by providing new outlets for content. ...more
I must check it out - thanks for the heads up :-)more

Good-bye Sophia; hello, Emma

One of the most fun pre-baby activities my husband and I enjoyed was choosing a baby name. Of course, since my husband and I were together for a really long time before getting married and having a baby, we had the conversation on baby names long before we were ready to have children....more

Tool Rocks the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

A few weeks ago my boyfriend "reminded" me that we had tickets to the second of two sold out Tool shows in San Francisco. Not realizing he had never told me about the tickets to begin with, his "reminder" was actually an invitation. I was ecstatic! I'm the kind of girl that calls a night out to the Tool show a date night. Don't get me wrong - there are no songs brimming with lovers' adoration or catchy lyrics you might possibly hear later in a pistachio commercial, but it's It's transcendence. It's everything....more

Gardening Tools You Need

I have been building my tools and items that I have for gardening. Today I thought that it would be a neat idea to talk about some tools that every gardener needs. These are the basic tools. While a Hori-Hori is a great tool to have, to get started in gardening, you wont need this. I’m talking about simple easy tools, or things that you can fashion until you can get something better. With out any more talk, let us get down to it....more

I thought it was the thought that counts!

After Marc and his friend finished installing our new bathroom sink, they preceded to re-sheetrock the doorway to our bedroom. I was eager to help out and be a part of the construction. So, I took over the role of gofer. Up and down the stairs I went, bringing them the tools and supplies they needed. At one point, Marc was out of the room so I decided to seize the opportunity to really help out the guys....more

Free Steel Forming Block - Create A Tutorial Exchange Program With Evie's Tool Emporium

Have you heard about the Exchange Program - Free Supplies For Tutorials?   If you an artist, here is an opportunity for you to receive a free ...more