Wrapping it Up

I cannot be the only one…who managed to fit in at least two weeks worth of work, chores, holiday to do’s, and family drama all in one week. I am not sad to see last week go, but before I kick it on it’s backside on the way out, I offer you this weekly wrap up....more

A $10 Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Our baby girl lost her first tooth this week. I am not proud to admit because she is the youngest of four children we are often jaded by her “first time” accomplishments. It’s just a part of life, our life anyway....more

The Tooth Fairy (Sort of) Screwed Up

The other day, my daughter lost a tooth. It was one of those real wigglers that didn't want to come out, so I slipped in a little extra tug while helping her floss and *ting* we heard it fly across the room and hit the wall. "It looks like a macadamia nut." I observed, while rinsing it off in the sink. But she was gone – on her way to retrieve the tooth pillow she got a few years ago as a Christmas present from The Tooth Fairy herself. Then something happened... I got sick. ...more
SKirkconnell sassypiehole KDL77 Hit up the cheap aisle at target, you can get some pretty cool ...more

Free Money

My son has been adding up the money that he feels entitled to, for the minor chores that he has been doing around the house, but he was informed that he would not be paid any money, because of his rent-free status, among other things.So both he and his sister became enamored with the tooth fairy. Both don’t mind losing a tooth or two because they know that a lost tooth means some filler for the piggy bank. My daughter actually tries to coax the tooth out of her mouth before it is quite ready – so eager is she for the spoils that will follow....more

Which magical lies should I tell my kids?

The tooth fairy made her first visit to our home this week.My daughter’s tooth came out at bedtime the other night and caught me unawares. She’s had a couple of loose teeth for a while, but I thought I had more time to get ready. I was going to make these tiny little fairy-sized notes which would, in my less-than-crafty hands, undoubtedly turn out looking like post-it notes from a nightmare. But I had a plan until that tooth popped out during story time.Dang....more

Tooth Fairy-Approved: Corn Crab Salad With Pepita Pesto

Matthew lost his third tooth this week and was giddy with excitement. That night, he jumped right into bed; there were no please to watch more TV, no arguments about brushing teeth, no last-minute trips to the kitchen for water. At first light, he popped out of his room waving the dollar bill he had earned from the Tooth Fairy.  I was half asleep but I do believe the clock read 5:15…. Image: Courtesy of House of Bedlam ...more

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side with the Tooth Fairy

toothless grin (Photo credit: nicknacknickers)...more

Tooth Extortionist

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmFred was reading the news on his iPad the other night when he came across this little gem in USA Today.And I learned that apparently the TF round these parts is a cheap skate.For, according to the article,"Kids found an average $3 per tooth under their pillows this year, up 15% from last year..." and "...some received as much as $20 per tooth". WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?...more

Late Again?! I've Had it With the Tooth Fairy!

My youngest of three, EB, is losing teeth left and right. Unfortunately for EB, my Tooth Fairy wings are dusty and rusty and my Tooth Fairy brain is old and tired. I sometimes need a little prodding and reminding to get the job done. EB came downstairs this morning and said, "I've had it with the Tooth Fairy. For the second day she forgot to leave money and she took my tooth." ...more
Oh please I can't have that tooth fairy visiting my son any time soon! He's been saving that ...more

When The Tooth Fairy Misses Your House

This past weekend, we attended our town's Memorial Day parade.  We enjoyed the sights and sounds, especially the Shriners.  For a group of older gentlemen, they sure have a lot of spunk!They rode in little go carts at speedy miles per hour and rode up ramps on a moving truck.  Like I said, spunk.My girls got buckets full of candy while my son and husband marched with the Scouts....more
 @Americas Next Top Mommy Well, the only thing left is to make it impossible to forget.  As soon ...more