As the Navigator gets closer to entering puberty and adolescence, I have been thinking about how to add an increasing number of personal hygiene tasks to his routines....more

Would You Die If Someone Used Your Toothbrush?

Have you ever grabbed your toothbrush upon waking or before going to bed and found it moist? That's what happened to Cindy. She was right about to go to bed when she went to brush her teeth and found that someone had used her toothbrush. What would you do if you found someone was using yours? Are you more tolerant of family members or is it all just gross? ...more
I Agree with @Julie Ross Godar about the list more worrisome than tooth brush sharing. I don't ...more

Someone Used My Toothbrush!

What would you do if someone used your toothbrush? Throw it away? Oh well? Demand answers? Give me your take after reading my blog post on this subject: ...more
 @hiyacynthia I read your post, Cindy, and, as always, it was a pleasurable read. Thank you!more

Brushing your teeth with yogurt cups

You might find it hard to believe that one teeny tinny toothbrush can have such an enormous impact on the environment. But it does! Approximately 50 million pounds of toothbrushes get sent to landfills annually!...more

Toothpaste Taste

My husband finally finished up the last of his Colgate and Crest supply and skeptically asked if this “Green Beaver” stuff is what he’ll have to use from now on....more

Would You Brush Your Teeth in the Car or Subway Platform?

There are definitely two types of people: Those who would brush their teeth in public and those who won't. ...more