All that Remains of the Tooth Fairy

One of the big milestones when you have little ones is the loss of that first tooth. It's something nobody has any control over, yet parents seem to find a way to take credit for it and/or brag about it anyway. "Little Bobby just lost his first tooth! He's advanced you know; the dentist was predicting it would happen next spring." You know how those conversations go. ...more

this is so sweet it brought a tear to my eye. i always got half dollars for my teeth and i ...more

The Tooth Fairy Came Last Night... Barely!

My youngest lost her Very First Tooth last night!  It was a big moment for her... and a bit of a sad-- shall I say wistful-- moment for Yours Truly (the Erstwhile Tooth Fairy).  She is my fifth and last child and I was just trying to wrap my brain around the fact that she turned six on Tuesday-- SIX!-- when the darn tooth fell out....more