Self-improvement is very necessary for successful life. Everybody has to improve him or herself to live a good life. No one is perfect himself or herself. Everybody has to adopt different ways for self-growth. The first step is to take the responsibility of your own self-improvement. Being a human, it is your first responsibility to remove wrong and negative things in your personality. Learn good behavior communication skill and also improve your personality. It is necessary for your personality and also a profession....more

Top 10 Self Growth Tips For Women

Women play very important role in home as well as in society. Without women world is incomplete and also boring. Women are the backbone of homes and society. Thus, they have to be excellent personality. They brought up the children and also teach them good habits. In short, they are the responsible to bring up good nation. Therefore women must have to improve their personality to play best role in home and also in society. They must have excellent brain power and also personality in order to achieve targets and goals of life....more

Top 10 Cinco De Mayo Recipes - 2016 Edition

Despite the crappy outcome of last night's Capitals/SuckyPenguins playoff game, I'm still in the mood to celebrate Cinco De Mayo today. So bring on all of the tacos, nachos, empanadas, salsa, chimichurri, guacamole, and tortilla chips. I'll also take a big ol' margarita with them as well, or perhaps two, or maybe even three. It's gonna take a lot of drinks to forget that my favorite team is not living up to their potential. At this point, margaritas might be the only solution to having to look SuckyPenguinsFans in the face and admit almost certain defeat....more

Top 10 Alternative Uses for Lube

We all know how fantastic lubricants feel during sex and masturbation. But, were you aware that there are many non-sexual and alternative uses for lube in your daily life? ...more

My 10 Favorite Blogs

My 10 Favorite Blogs!I’ve been blogging for years! Almost 9 years to be exact.It’s so funny all of the stages we go through in life, what we are interested, the things we read, stuff we google, pins we pin! I’ve come across so many amazing blogs that I totally adore! So I wanted to compile a list of them and share them with you. So here’s my 10 Favorite Blogs that I often visit!...more

Live from Missouri: Top 10, so my Top 10 Posts of 2014 is actually 12, but 2 sets of posts had identical page views. I ranked the posts based on +'s recieved on G+, comments on the actual post, and overall page views. ...more

Top 10 Ways to Make The New Year the Best!

 We want to wish everyone a year filled with happiness, love, fashion and fun!  Our resolutions list gives you many examples of how to make 2014 the best year ever.  Trim the Fat – figuratively...more

10 Things I've Learned From People Magazine

An "onlooker," "insider," and "gal pal" are all people with much to say. I'm not sure why famous people still hang out with these guys and tell them things. Those three bitches gossip like crazy....more

Top 10 Things Your House Painter Won't Tell You

1. I marked your material costs up by 25%. It's common practice for painting contractors to charge home owners retail price for materials like paint and primer. Contractors may even produce receipts - but they pay at least 25% less than the price reflected on the receipt they provide you with. Paint stores reward contractors for their frequent business by cutting painters a hefty discount and then providing marked up receipts to show home owners. Insist on purchasing the paint yourself and buy the paint as needed, so you don't pay for gallons you don't need. ...more
The title of your blog post could easily have been "10 things any bad contractor won't tell ...more

Top 10 Beautiful Irish Men

In Top Ten Irish Stereotypes I touched on what is and is not Irish. Here's a taste of real Irish men....more