Bravo TV, My Sad Addiction

I had big plans for my recovery. While resting my bum ankle  I was going to read! I was going to blog! I would email old friends! Do upper body workouts, play board games, take up the art of some sort of Zen meditation... you get the idea.  But instead. ...more
Oh you have to get back there. That is if you want to lose hours of your time and start ...more

Where's the Ghee?

It’s Season 5 on Top Chef Masters and the much anticipated episode of Restaurant Wars did not disappoint. Any fan of the show will tell you this is the week worth watching. The chefs get separated into two teams; each team must create a concept for a restaurant and have it up and running in less than 24 hours. It is usually a recipe for disaster and therefore makes for entertaining television....more

Bravo! Top Chef Kristen Kish Dishes on International Adoption

There are lots of ways to get hooked on Bravo’s Top Chef, some of them less savory than others. But the main reason my small family has now watched all ten seasons, playing catch-up for several years by downloading previous episodes, has nothing to do with cooking, fist fights between contestants, or what glamour-puss host Padma Lakshmi is wearing. It’s about my son’s identity as a Vietnamese adoptee....more
This is a fabulous post. Sometimes it seems adoptees' stories most told are those where the line ...more

Thursday: Chef's and Signs

My feet and toe really were feeling better Thursday morning.  So I headed out for a run.  I had planned to do 4-6-4-6 to get my 2o miles in for the week.  After about 1.5 miles, things started to fall apart.  The toe was hurting.  The other foot started d...more

Stunt Burger Saturday: The Richard Blais Vegan Burger

After last week's mountain of meat (and because I've had nuts and berries on the brain after seeing what to feed to your vampire), I decided this week I'd make the most interesting veggie burger I could find. ...more

The BlogHer Community Picks Its Favorite Reality TV Show

In March 2011, the BlogHer community was invited to select favorite reality television programs(s) on the weekly research poll. There were 9 choices for television programs, plus a 10th option stating “None: reality television is a symptom of the downfall of society. While a higher percentage (17%) chose “None” as an individual response, most people that took the poll did have a favorite ... ...more

I thought American Idol would suffer a rapid demise after Simon Cowell left but that hasn't been ...more

(Video) Celebrate International Bacon Day! Exclusive Interview with Top Chef Finalist, Kevin Gillespie

I recently had the chance to interview Top Chef Season 6 finalist, Kevin Gillespie. On the show, he was known for his dedication to the craft of cooking and lack of dramatics, which also won him the title of “Fan Favorite.” As a food blogger and personal fan of Kevin’s, I was delighted to chat with him and was glad to find out that he was as friendly and personable as I’d hoped. ...more

For all of you bacon-lovers out there, you can find a whole blog dedicated to cooking with bacon ...more

"Reality" Shows - How Real?

Ok, ok, I admit it. I watch them - but, usually only 3:  " Top Chef", on Bravo, will return in a few weeks, "Project Runway" (new season, now on Life Time), has come back to NYC after a season in LA, and “House Hunters”, on HGTV,  which I’ve admitted to in a previous post.On the surface, it is all fun stuff, fluff – but, I’m not so sure....more

Top Chef: Bye Bye Mike I

Mike Isabella was shown the door on Top Chef last week. It was a fair bounce: I would say to the remaining chefs and to anyone applying for a job that when you act like 'whatever,' that's how you get treated. He screwed up and his basic behaviour was, 'whatever.' I am happy to see him go for another reason. I was so tired of the misogyny from him. Granted, as the season has gone on, his comments were more directed at Robin and her lack of skill. However I thought that he never consistently backs up his vast knowledge and skill. The leeks incident is but an example....more