I Am Not A Top Ten List

As I read various posts, links to stories which link to other stories, I see the repeating titles: "Six Ways You Can...", "Three Things To Do To Fix...", "Top Twenty...", "First Five..."; on, and on, and on. I did a search on depression. More than half of the suggested blog posts were lists. A search on anxiety was just as bad. Mental illness is a still very stigmatized condition and so is quite misunderstood and outright denied by many people. My sister-in-law doesn't believe mental illness exists (people are just lazy)....more
I feel your pain. I think it's sad that people don't understand how powerful the mind really is. ...more

What I Can and Can't Live Without -- Inspiration from a 10 year old.

So I’ve dropped the ball.  Another NaBloPoMo started yesterday, and I didn’t figure it out until yesterday at like 11:45 pm and by then I was tired, so I didn’t write.  It hadn’t occurred to me that it was March 1st.  In theory, I should’ve been writing anyway because I did sign up for February’s NaBloPoMo as well, but I guess I dropped the ball on that one, too.  March 2014′s ...more

Top 10 Offenses that Turn Me Into a Raving Lunatic

I work from home. This means that I am actually inside my house the majority—if not all—of the day. Every day. Therefore, the list of things that drive me crazy has been steadily growing. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m becoming less patient, or maybe I just need to get out more. Either way, the members of my (poor?) family are both the perpetrators of some of these acts and the recipients of my all-out insanity when they occur....more

Food Blogging: Ten Things I've Learned in Five Years

It's challenging for me to remember exactly when I wrote my first post five years ago, but I'm fairly certain it was sometime late this month. If web years are anything like that of dog years, then that is quite a good length of time. I searched the archives but knew before I began that I'd long ago deleted the first few posts because they were only worthy of being the best examples of aimless wandering. I was testing the water, wondering what might come from a seemingly simple decision to write about food....more
I think we all struggle a little with not wanting more traffic and/or followers!more

My Top Ten BlogHer Food Experiences and Bacony Bread Pudding

I went to high school with a guy who seriously thought he was David Letterman. He forever tarnished Top Ten Lists for me. And yet, when I sat down to write about my time in Atlanta at BlogHer Food a Top Ten List spewed forth. 10) Being filmed cutting a mango. Who’s idea was it to hand a very large knife to a very nervous shaky gal??? 9)...more

Top 10 Bad Ideas For a Blog Post

OK, so I'm feeling a little uninspired blog-wise.  I'm digging deep for something to write about, but it's just not coming.  And as much as I poke my daughter with a cattle prod, she's just not coming through for me with anything good....more

Not a good sign if you are stumped already :)

I think if you carve out some kind of mission ...more


GIRLPHYTE’S TOP TEN LIST OF THE UPSIDE OF THE DOWNTURN10. There are no more long line-ups for overpriced restos and bars.9. Fast food has lost its aura as free food. There is a bustle in the kitchen.8. Fuel efficient cars have run Hummers off the road and back into the 6 car garages where they belong. 7. Nostalgia reigns - Hersheys kisses are overtaking oversized strawberries and chocolate at Godiva6. Saving is sexy.5. Work is no longer a four letter work – NYSE is. 4. Women are starting to consider gray a hair colour.3....more

Top Ten Resons I Love Being a Mommy

I have to confess that I hate Mother's Day.  My mom is no longer here and it just seems like the whole month of May is designed to remind me of that fact.  Then lets not start on the fact that I am sure GOD knew what he was doing but I have kids by some of the most ungrateful....... ...more