Take Shelter and Watch out for Flying Women on Broomsticks!!!!

I AM NOT MUCH OF SHOPPER AND I DON'T PLAN ON GOING AGAIN ANYTIME SOON!You could probably define my shopping patterns to one of a love-hate relationship. I LOVE to get new things; clothes, gifts, SHOES, and things for my home. However, I HATE the actual act of walking around the mall, searching for the unknown. I do almost all of my shopping online, and if I do go to an actual store it is because I know exactly what I want, and I am going to run into the store, pick it up, and run right back out.What can I say? It's just not my thing....more

Here I Am Auntie Em: Tornado Trilogy Part I

Spring brings with it the remembrances of my childhood in Iowa.  Not only did spring come more quickly to the heartlands, but it also brought with it terrible storms.  This is the first of three stories and my encounters with tornadoes.Part I: Middle School Windstorm...more