Looking for a moment of touch

My son was a snuggly baby. I am truly happy about that. Sometimes I teasingly tell my son about all the time he spent sleeping on me when he was first born, but I usually tell him that story when he is sitting on my lap. I know that I am super lucky that he still wants to snuggle with me, and I hope that doesn't change anytime soon....more

The case for more cuddling

One day when I dropped my son off to school, a little girl in his class came over to greet him with a giant hug and some happy words. My son bared it, the girl walked off and my son looked up at me and said, "These girls - they always want to hug me." ...more

The art of a good snuggle

My son is a big boy (or so he keeps telling me). But, when the pajamas are on and the bedtime books have been read, he still wants his snuggle time with Mommy. He curls his little body into mine, sticks his cold toes against me and tells me things that melt my heart ("You smell so good. Just like a Mommy." or "I can hear your heart beat and it is beautiful.")...more

They Love It, Even if You Do a Lousy Job.


Are You a Hugger?

I am. I can't even imagine saying hi or good-bye to my best friend without giving her a hug. But there certainly have been times in my life where it has become painfully obvious that not everyone is....more

Lift Off! How to take your sex life from grounded to soaring - Part III

  Step 2 - Taking Care of THEM   Oh, how simple it would be if we could just start taking better care of ourselves and our relationships would magically transform. While pampering ourselves is necessary in order to shift from our routine headspace and into that sexy, sassy mentality so important to banging sex, we can’t forget that our partners need to be cherished too. So, let’s move from ME and onto THEM, bearing in mind that it’s all interconnected. Tune In...more

I especially love your mention in this post of physical touch—I agree that it holds so much ...more

10 Things You Need to be Vital

This week I saw my first patients at my new practice, The Owning Pink Center, an integrative medicine center for vital wellness. In honor of this, I wanted to share with you some thoughts I have on being not just well, but VITAL. Too many people (including doctors) settle for being merely “not sick.” But I believe we have the capacity for so much more. I believe we can get and keep our mojo, nurture the body so that it performs optimally, and live a joyful, fulfilled life....more

Public Displays of Affection - too Rare

A recent article in the ‘Coupling” column that appears in the Boston Globe magazine on Sundays was called “PDA? No Way.”  PDA means Public Displays of Affection.  The author, Patrick McVay, was uncomfortable with them except in extraordinary circumstances. (The piece was written a bit tongue-in-cheek, still,  it got me to thinking.)  Actually it made me remember that a few months ago, I wrote a note to myself about how few PDAs I’d been seeing. I wondered what was happening.  Was it me?  Perhaps I just wasn’t noticing them.  ...more

Good energy - that's just what it is.  When love is in the air it has to be breathed in by ...more

A touch, a touch, a touch

I have observed that when dogs see other dogsand cats see other cats, they rub against each other and touch.  As a human being, there were times in my life when I went months even years without being touched by anyone, not only sexually but humanely.  I have also been in situations were it seemed appropriate to give a fellow/sister human a hug but because of the setting or not knowing them, I didn't.  I think many of us suffer tremendous skin hunger in this society. ...more

I'm so glad you found this post lovely and true.  It happens to so many of us far too ...more

People Who Knead People

I was recently given a gift certificate for a massage, which I redeemed almost immediately! I find few things more relaxing than letting go and allowing someone else to pamper me by gently but firmly rubbing and kneading my shoulders and back. Delicious! ...more