Physicians Formula Touch Of Glow Concealer Highlighter is a Touche Eclat Dupe.

Sometimes, a product's packaging is so darn adorable, that I just have to have it. The new Physicians Formula Nude Wear line is so pretty, I had to practice major restraint to only buy one product (I am on a budget after all!).So I settled on the Touch of Glow Highlighter and Concealer, which I thought could be a drugstore dupe for YSL's Touche Eclat (more on that in a little bit!). But first, the packaging, OMG!!!...more

What the heck is Touche Éclat and why is it the number one beauty product in the world?

I was seated at the Yves St Lauren counter in Bloomingdale's, eyes closed, allowing the young woman holding the brushes to have her way with my face. The whole time, she kept describing the TUSHY CLOT and how the TUSHY CLOT is so great and how much I'd love TUSHY CLOT and how the TUSHY CLOT will totally brighten my eyes, hold my lipstick in place, and probably cure cancer. ...more

I have also found it really helps to use an eyelash prep prior to putting on the ...more

Disguising that telltale "Ack! Too much New Year's Champagne!" look in five easy steps

Ah, New Year's. When we come together to celebrate a new year full of hopes, dreams, and possibilities. It's a time for good friends, lively parties, and OH MY GOD DID I REALLY DRINK AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE BY MYSELF LAST NIGHT AND THEN PERFORM A JOURNEY/DEF LEPPARD MEDLEY FOR THE INVITED GUESTS?? moments. For whatever reason, New Year's Eve seems to bring out the drinker in most of us, myself included. Fortunately, my champagne-hogging, 80's hair metal singing days are thankfully past (for the most part), but I remember all too clearly those mornings after, waking up feeling as if an anvil was sitting atop my head, and looking as if my hair and now-smudged makeup had been styled by either of the aforementioned rock bands. It's Hangover City, people. ...more

Water in general is good. I've been getting into sparkling mineral water in a big way this ...more