Stay in Touch

I recently heard Neil Diamond’s song "Sweet Caroline" and was inspired to write about touch. Love that song and must have listened to it at least a thousand times since it first came out in 1969. (On a personal note, at least one of those times was during a make-out session behind my parent’s house.) The part that is most moving in the song is when Neil sings about hands touching hands. Touch between two consenting adults is so romantic. In fact, while I am writing this, I feel like playing the song and lighting a scented candle. But, let me pull out of the mood, as I am approaching this from a health perspective and not my own personal romance needs....more
@Kraken I am hugging you - virtually of course.  Contact with you might be a bit prickly and I ...more

How to handle my HooHaa!

Fellas, fellas, fellas! Why do you insist on punishing my vagina, as though it were an enemy of the state? Is all the jabbing and stretching really necessary? I recognize that this is simply your reaction to extreme excitement, and that is great. Really, we want you to get off! We love to see you all heated and flustered. But, have you not yet realized that this type of touching does not make us squirm because we like it. Rather, we are actually trying to wiggle away from your rough and wild fingers. ...more

Lila's Weekly Friday Top 5 List - Best Movie Lines Ever

A new list every Friday, see if you agree with me. Today is: Best movie lines of all time. Could mean the most moving, the most quoted, the most hilarious, what are your top 5? This is my list: 1. “Get busy livin’, or get busy dying.” The Shawshank Redemption. This entire movie about hope, is a touching soulful story. This line marks the point in the movie where you’re not sure if Andy has lost his hope, or has gone mad, or has a scheme planned. No one could really predict just how beautifully he kicks prison-ass and makes the world right again. ...more