Jefferson Park After Dark

Jefferson Park                                                  N 21st St & Marshall St Richmond, VA 23223...more

Tripping on a Local Hidden Treasure - River Farm

We were out and about on our Frugal adventures and driving down the George Washington Parkway along the Potomac River.  We decided to take a little detour and check out the estates along the river and tripped on River Farm. ...more

Ten Ways Not to Annoy the Swiss

I go to Switzerland rather frequently for work. Over the course of the last two years, I’ve deepened my understanding just a bit regarding the basic tenets of Swiss culture, and I can now say with confidence that I know exactly enough to have a mediocre chance of not standing out like a sore American thumb from Geneva to Zurich. I like the Swiss; I want never to annoy them with my cultural obtuseness. Therefore, as today’s creative outlet, I submit for your consideration my quick reference list of ten things to do or not do to ensure that you never annoy the Swiss as you travel in their beautiful patria:...more

In Jordan, women travel off the beaten path to new professions

On World Tourism Day (27 September), a look at how Jordan’s tourism industry is making inroads in equal opportunity employment through UN Women’s Gender Equity Seal. ...more

Is Greece Safe for Tourists?

(To see the photos that go with this text please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone.") ...more

"Warsaw Hearts New York" But Does America Heart Warsaw?

I really have never read an article before and decided to write about it until today.  Actually, the article itself I had no issues with.  It was short, informative, and accurate.  Decent reporting.  I am referring to the article by Fox News (shared by a friend) called Warsaw Hearts New York; Poles Hope for Visa Waiver to Shop Fifth Avenue.   What was called to my attention and which frankly disturbed me was the comments...more

We welcome all visitors to the US and New York. As a driver, I welcome the opportuntity greet ...more

Palm Springs Easters With Elvis

Elvis has always been with our family. While courting my husband Seymour, I re-routed romantic cross-country road trips through Memphis so we could visit Graceland, then Tupelo so we could visit The King's birthplace. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Las Vegas -- me in a red Marilyn Monroe dress, Seymour in a medicine shirt -- renewing our vows with Elvis as the officiant. Our tween daughter spent years insisting to anyone who would listen that Elvis was alive, since when she was five she saw The King in all his gold lamé splendor, holding up a sign to promote a local gas station -- and nothing could convince her he was gone, not even her dad's stories of how his August 17th seventh birthday was derailed by Elvis's August 16th death. Elvis is part of our family soundtrack....more

That would be so extremely awesome!

Shannon Des Roches Rosa more

Norway in March

I am back from a much needed spring break vacation with my husband. When we were waiting for the first of many flights at the Detroit airport my husband, sick with a cold, and me, bogged by stress, were both wishing that we booked a vacation someplace warm with white sand beaches and pink sunsets and drinks with little umbrellas. Someplace that normal people go as the winter is winding down. But instead, we went to Norway. Norway....more

Tour a bookshop

I hear the ding-ding of the bell as I brace my body on the heavy door and push my boys through.  I breathe in deep all the way to the bottom of my lungs.  My nostrils flared as I tilt my head up and look around.  I wish I could put my finger on that smell.  Roasted nuts?  Lemon furniture polish?  The musky scent of dilapidated books?  Whatever it is, it gives me a thrill.  I feel like I can smell the wisdom in the aging tomes....more