Grand Canyon | Coolest thing I've ever seen?

NaBloPoMo prompt for today:"What is the coolest thing you ever saw?" Why do I have such a hard time with this question?  I can not for the life of me come up with "the coolest" thing I ever saw.  The first thing that popped into my head was the Grand Canyon.  But, that seems so cliche.  But, to me, it really was...more

New York City Excursions You Will not Want to Miss

For first timers, New York City is an immense metropolis with awe inspiring sights. The truth is, the experience of choosing locations to see could also be nearly overwhelming. Due to this fact, quite naturally, most visitors have a tendency to turn to New York City excursions to see the city and get acquainted with its famous attractions.There are a number of New York City tours obtainable to suit all tastes and budgets: aerial excursions, strolling excursions, water tours and so on. A few of the most interesting of all New York Metropolis excursions embody:...more

My Ireland with Love

A number of of the 4 countries of United Kingdom is Northern Ireland. This 14,000-square kilometer region has a temperate oceanic climate. English and Irish are its official languages, though their dialect of English has been influenced by the Scotland....more

More Eco, Healthy and Voluntourism Travel Services

Last summer I wrote about some great opportunities in healthy, green and volunteer travel. In the past year there have been so many things that have popped both wonderful as well as traumatic (i.e. Haitian Earthquake) that have opened up so many doors to folks suffer from chronic wanderlust....more

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Girlfriend Getaways - Fabulous Fall Foliage Tours

Summer may not be officially over but as temperatures around the country start to drop, that cool Autumn breeze is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan that fabulous fall Great Girl Trip getaway! With the crisp weather comes the beautiful fall foliage. Why not take a tour this fall and see not just the leaves but the other hidden gems beneath their branches. The only question is... east coast... or west coast? East Coast Fall Foliage Tour: ...more

Garden Tours Around the World

This morning the first thing I did was check the bloom map for our local tulip festival. The daffodils are in like crazy, but the tulips aren't showing much by way of color. The news feed, though, says that the fields are just starting to show so we're going to hope for the best -- a sunny day that encourages the flowers to open, no traffic, and not too many crowds. ...more

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I love taking garden tours and one of my favorite places is more

How to Get Shorty into Kindergarten

Looking For Fun? Try A Scavenger Hunt

Last year my cousin Gaby J. gave me tickets to a murder mystery scavenger hunt as a Christmas present.  The hunt, "Murder at the Met" was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and it was run by a company called Watson Adventures. Well, a few weeks later, Kay, Gaby and I joined up to form the Sherlock Dames and compete with other teams to solve the mystery of a murdered Met curator ...more

The Gardner House

Location: Lost Nation, IA, population 500 (no, I’m not making that up--and sadder still, it's where I grew up) Setting: The Gardner House Bed and Breakfast; a Queen Anne Victorian house owned and lovingly restored by my parents (I donated a tiny bit of sweat equity during the make-over) ...more

Centro Isterico

I just came back from a quick jaunt to Puglia. Having traveled the entire swathe of the boot these 20-odd years, I can honestly affirm (and at the risk of causing great controversy amongst my readers), that Puglia boasts the best cuisine in all of Italy. Certainly, it’s a hard choice: I am the proud owner of a Piedmontese cookbook, I can’t wait for forays into Florence, I love those sweet red onions of Tropea, Ligurian pesto, and truffles on even old shoes will taste terrific. My favorite foods on earth come from Sicily. ...more