Honeymoon Day 9: Part Two

I would like to take a minute to thank, once again, my friends Awesome and Da Bomb. Not only did they buy us tickets to get into the Tower (which I am thinking were not cheap), Awesome sent me a fokk-ton of photos because my own camera ran out of juice about 5 minutes into the tour. Without her, this post would be mostly me trying to describe “this really cool thing I saw”. Speaking of this really cool thing I saw, check out ye old knight in shining armor: ...more

Honeymoon Day 9: Part 1

There are socioeconomic/political things I could blog about, but I am feeling all nostalgic and missing my friends over the puddle so Imma post another honeymoon day. Well, part of another honey moon day. Turns out, London is freaking HUGE. Who knew? First, we met our friends, code names Awesome and Da Bomb. Awesome and Da Bomb took us to The Tower of London, because it is illegal for Tourists to go to the Big Crumpet without gawking around in the Tower. Go ahead. Twist my arm. ...more