Every Day Products That May Cause Cancer

Transitioning ain't easy, and neither is finding the right shampoo for my soon to be kinky hair.  I often read about the importance of avoiding products that contain paraben, but what the heck is that exactly?  ...more

Florida & Her Beautiful Beaches

I am a native Floridian, I was born in Rockledge Florida and have been a beach baby all my life. Even when I lived in Texas our family made summer pilgrimages to Galveston. The beach has been a constant in my life until now. I have been robbed of my one true love, the beautiful colorful clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite thing was snorkeling or diving on the reefs with their flourishing marine life. Everyone has a favorite thing and that was mine....more


No...not the Britney Spears song!  Today, I'm talking about those people in your life that seem to spread poison wherever they go.As I've entered the empty nest phase of my life, I've realized that I no longer have the time, energy, or patience to have such people in my life.  To be honest, I have never understand why some people expend that kind of energy on being miserable and/or hateful.  Why?  What does it gain for you?...more

Silent Predators at Home

I've done some research, but apparently far from enough.  So I will be doing more and pronto. The topic?  Everyday, household items that are potentially toxic, items that release invisible gases, chemicals and toxins that experts say will have an impact on our health over time and in some cases perhaps immediately. It is disturbing. I admit that I don't wash newly-purchased bed linen or clothes 2 or 3 times before use.  And yes, we do have non-stick, teflon frying pans. ...more

Safe ways to set the mood

If you're like me, you're starting to rack your brain for some romantic Valentine's Day ideas....more

Thanks for the beeswax candle idea, Jasmine ... it makes perfect sense.

I remember when I ...more

Potent polish

I have some good news, and I have some bad news....more

The big stink about perfume

On Monday ...more

Lead-tainted Jewelry Found on Retailer’s Shelves Despite State Warnings

In May 2009, the California attorney general’s office ordered a national retailer with nearly three dozen stores throughout the state to stop selling jewelry with illegal levels of lead. Five months later, the state followed up with another warning directed at Rainbow Apparel after finding more lead-tainted jewelry. Three months after that came another warning. And then another. ...more

It's alarming that they can keep putting dangerous material on their shelves, time after time, ...more

I was loyal to the Parliament, 'Lights to Whites'

          Once upon a time smoking was glamorous, right? I'm not suggesting our granddad's smoking packs of malboro reds or creepy people or anything and this was waaaay before we knew about the black lung of course. I'm thinking Kate Moss or Greta Garbo. ...more

British Petroleum Apparently Owns American Beaches, and you thought America was a Sovereign Nation

Its bad enough that British Petroleum’s CEO said his massive, endless gushing spill was only a tiny blip in a huge ocean…...more

I have no words.

Great write-up--thank you.