I'm pregnant and have a 2yr old, my house smells of polyurethane, am I or my child at risk? An expert responds.

The KidsChemicalSafety.org website received a question from a concerned pregnant mom.  "My husband refinished the floors in our house. My 2 year old and I went on vacation during this time. He used a couple coats of polyurethane that he finished applying on a Saturday. We came home over a week later, on a Sunday and the house still smells. We’ve been staying in the house now for 2 weeks and I found out I am pregnant (about 5 weeks along)....more

What's Springing Up Toxic in Your Neighborhood?

Here in Cincinnati as spring hits the air, calls will flood in about plant exposures, ranging from the curious toddler snacking on petals to animals devouring entire plants. So, what’s in bloom this time of year in Cincinnati, Ohio? – Bulbs, bulbs, and more bulbs!  And as a mom of an adventurous preschooler that has eaten various plant-life from our backyard (flowers, oak tree leaves, and more, it was nice to find resources of what is toxic and nontoxic as well as who to call....more

Consumers Move the Market on Toxic BPA

It was just three years ago when I was working on the first ban on the toxic chemical, BPA. I was living in Minnesota, working long hours at the state legislature and with the public to educate families about the potential dangers of toxic chemicals. Fast-forward a few years and millions of parents now know about BPA and try to avoid it where possible. The massive public education that is taking place about toxic chemicals in our products gives me hope that we’ll be able to change our flawed system, soon....more