5 Steps Toward a Nontoxic Home

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the lotions we decide to put on our bodies and the products that surround us.The degree to which we potentially put our children’s health at risk depends on the different products we decide to bring into the house. Their exposure to toxins begins before they are even born. Whatever we inhale or ingest can have a lasting effect on our children....more
Great post. I love the plant suggestion. I really need to get rid of those awful "rubber" ducks too.more

Water You Drinking?

Obviously drinking water is essential to our health, however, have you ever thought about what could be potentially lurking within the water you're chugging that you cannot actually see? It's actually quite a scary thought when you think about it... And the dirty additives could in fact be causing a whole host of health issues that you thought were caused by other factors in your life! It's time to grab the "bull" by the horns and clean out your water... And here is one fool-proof way to do just that!...more

Perfume Pollution: When Hidden Allergens Attack

When you think of reducing air pollution most people think of billowing smoke stacks (important things for us to address as a nation), but rarely do we think of air pollution being apart of our morning routine. Cue: fragrance.  ...more
I have allergies to fragrances too, so I started making my own skin care products and selling ...more

I choose raisins and dates

I think at some point we have all fallen victim to the artificial sweetener. I know I have. I was a big diet soda drinker and queen of the green tea and aspartame. I thought this was a fantastic way to loose weight and stay healthy. I have come to realize artificial sweetener and healthy should never be used in the same sentence....more

Recycle and Reuse Options for Tech Junk

This morning I decided I had to rewrite yesterday's Nablopomo post as I finished it late, late, late yesterday and did not tweet or link to it here on BlogHer.   As I had to put the effort into a rewrite I decided I mightas well expand the publicity effort far and wide.  This is yesterday's post, I'm not counting this rewrite as today's post.  ---...more

Clinical Trial Treatment For Cancer

First let me say that I did contact the Burzynski Clinic to make sure it was ok for me to share this movie link in my blog. Permission granted so with that being said, Cancer has touched all of us in one way or another. Dr. Burzynski if given the chance to do his clinical trials from the FDA to move forward post haste instead of decades of being harassed by the FDA, US Patent Office, NCI, Elan Pharmaceuticals and others lives could have been saved. After billions of dollors spent in inditments, trials and patent battles Dr....more

A Mother's Day Question: What Do You Have in Common with Your Daughter...or Your Own Mother?

The words, “You look just like your mother!” have taken on new meaning in the chemical age in which we live....more

The big stink about perfume

On Monday ...more

More Greenwashing?

I recently decided to once again take a look at the products that I have in my house just to be sure that I had eliminated all of the ones with toxins....more