Science Medley: Now with more pathogens (and raw milk!)

It's time for another edition of Science Medley, your guide to the science posts written by women bloggers. This time we're focusing on science related to the human body. At Aetiology, guest blogger Whitney Baker looks at possible infectious agents for obesity: ...more

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Pollution May Cause Baldness

Researchers have found yet another good reason to stop smoking and reduce pollution. They've discovered that airborne toxins may be a contributing factor for the onset of male pattern baldness. Scientists from the University of London studied hair follicles from balding men and found that the process of hair growth was impaired by oxidative stress. ...more

Sometimes "natural beauty" is an oxymoron; or, How to know if your cosmetics are safe

When it comes to makeup, I am equal parts minimalist and junkie; I want the appearance of perfect skin, every day, with as little effort and as few products as possible. I am also torn between wanting to use only cosmetics that are healthy and safe and really really wanting my mascara to last all day without flaking or smudging. ...more

see i've found that 'natural' doesn't always mean good for my skin. i have severe reactions to ...more

Despite flame retardant and other chemicals found in breast milk, breast is still best

When I made the decision to breastfeed my children, I did so confident in the knowledge that I was doing the best thing for both their health and mine. After all, studies have consistently shown there are numerous health benefits to both mother and baby. ...more

You know, I'd shied away from doing so because Matt is reading it right now. And also because ...more

Are Toxins Lurking in Your Car Interior?

cross-posted from I’m a born skeptic. What do you expect? I’m originally from the Show-Me state. We don’t believe what we’re told. We must be shown. So when I heard about interior car toxins and a product that claims to reduce them, I had to do my own research. Last year, the Ecology Center released a study about car interior toxins. Besides carbon monoxide emissions, I wasn’t sure what they meant by that. But after reading a bit of their press release I found out. Their report says that PBDEs, chemicals used for fire retardants, and phthalates, used to soften plastics and part of that “new car smell” people seem to love, are found inside your car. And guess what? The chemicals are clinging to the dust in your interior and clamoring for space on your windshield — in the form of that film you can’t quite get rid of unless you’re parked “just so” in the sunlight and are willing to climb around the inside of your car like a monkey to get every nook and cranny sparkling clean. ...more