Loveys: My Son's Doggie

When I was preparing for motherhood I learned so many new and fascinating things. For instance, I needed to monitor the number of times my son peed and pooped. I also had to figure out the right amount of time between diaper changes. If it is a little wet, do I change him? Or do I wait? ...more

You have bear we have doggy. It is really sweet when you think about it. 


Experiments in baby assault courses


Safe Toys for Your Cat

What should I play with today? ...more

Great video on games that build your child's brain skills is a good video about choosing common games that build your child's cognitive skills. I thought it was especially appropriate at Christmas. Many of these games are $10 or less....more

My Plastics Dilemma

This is one of my downfalls. No matter how hard I try, the number of plastic bags only seem to grow in my home. I usually have my groceries delivered and the store boxes them rather than bagging them. Nevertheless, if I pop in to the store to pick something up I inevitably realize that I don’t have a bag with me....more

Imaginext Toys, or how my gender disqualifies me from having a complex imagination

They have added some female super heroes but very few. Still disappointed.more

Weird Toys: Pole Dancer Doll

Assuming this doll is for real, it raises some interesting questions. Read the rest of this post here: Weird Toys ...more

Sexist Kid Toys

Fisher-Price thinks baby girls should play with lipstick and purses… While little boys play with work bags and tools. ...more

Thanks for the post.  Lyn Mikel Brown and Sharon Lamb spell it all out in Packaging ...more

What's in a NAME?

Is it just me or is there a trend toward 50's-70's  girls names making a comeback? I have heard about more new baby Tracy's, Lisa's, Jody's,  Mary Sue's and Patty's over the last few months than Madison, Ellie, Lauren, Jenna, Abby, Isabella and names that have topped the charts in the last  two decades. I'm curious if I just noticed this or if you are noticing the same thing?  Marianne ...more