Million Moms Fight Gay Wedding in Archie Comics

Another day, another misguided moral panic.This time, it’s One Million Moms sending up flares about the fact that some Toys "R" Us stores are selling Archie Comics, featuring a gay wedding. Image: Robin Nelson via ZUMA Press. ...more
When I was a kid, my aunt used to bring her girlfriends to our house for family events.  This ...more

Kids' toys. I just don't get 'em

Ok, I admit it, I cocked up with one of Izzy's Christmas presents this year. For some reason, I had decided to buy her a large box of plastic jewellery containing bracelets, earrings, high-heeled shoes, crowns and feather boas, amongst other things. But, for some unknown reason, there were four sets of everything contained within the pack. What the bloody hell was I thinking? I should have gone to Tiffanys (only joking!). ...more

Hi Bec... Yeh... it's bloody sick isn't it? LOL.. but saved from the plastic kitty ...more

The downside of Christmas

I am truely upest and ashamed of my fellow Christians.  I realize that Christmas is an important time for many, especialy Christians who are celebrating the birth of  their savior Jesus Christ.  He is my savior as well, but you won't find me shopping on black friday.  Every year there is some horror story about a holiday shopper being trampled at a walmart or similar store, because people were so anxious to get inside to get the good deals for Christmas.  No one stops to help this poor person.  No one takes their hand.  No one shouts out STOP and help this...more

Look for More Winter Holiday Promotions in July This Year as Business Owners Struggle

It is July, but many business owners are starting now on the winter holiday shopping season to boost sales.   “Christmas in July” promotions are not new, but in the economic downturn they are taking on a new importance.   ...more