The number 8, The Snippets Network & You

 1) The Snippets Network TSN evolved when eight women likened to Angels came to the rescue.  2) Eight snippets serve as TSN's voice mushrooming into many affirming ways.  ...more

First, there were 52; Now 88...

 First there were 52 Snippets guaranteed to excite, educate, entertain and empower feeding hearts 88 Snippets...more

"A Love Letter To My Daddy"

A Love Letter to My Daddy!...more

Self Love Truths!

 Check whether a grain of truth or the whole truth about your relationship with YOU…   ___  Pride in who you are and what you are about.___  Believe self-pride is boasting and certainly not attractive, especially in women.___  Embrace life’s constant states of change as a way to grow.___  Grudgingly view challenges as life’s endless “one thing after another” mentality....more