Thoughtfulness Thursday: E's Second Birthday Party

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm a crazy party planner. As we enter April, I have already planned E's 3rd (yes, THIRD) birthday. As that thought process is about to come to fruition (with his party next week), we can reflect on his second birthday (which was posted on Hostess with the Mostess on July 1...BTW that's a big deal and I might have screamed when I heard!)....more

Tractor Safety For Dummies And City Folk

Source: TToombs08As the summer begins to wind down, fall fills the air with the sweet smell of ripening vegetation. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when farmers across the nation head back into the fields to begin the harvest. Soon truckloads of wheat, corn, sunflowers, beets, and all the other wholesome foods will find its way onto the tables of hungry people everywhere. Well, at least in places where the severe drought hasn’t fried the crops to a crisp as farmers stand in their fields and weep uncontrollably....more

The Marketing Genius

The Marketing Genius ...more

Our Simple Life

Our Simple Life describes the activiteis on our five-acre property through stories of fiesty chickens, growing vegetables, driving tractors, caring for kids, playing with cousins and much more.  Our cast consists of two families, four parents, five kids, one dog, five cats, four horses, 14 chickens, and several fish.  The blog contains mostly humorous essays about the antics of the kids, animals and activities that we do at home, but sometimes serious subjects arise and are addressed likewise.  Life can not always be funny but we try to make it so.   ...more

Adjusting from Country Life to City Life

So this is my first post. As I stated in my Bio, I'm a non-regular 19 year old girl. I recently moved from rural upstate New York to crazy New Jersey. I must say I have experienced those stereotypical things that you see in movies, like when you see a guy dressed in full cowboy attire entering a five star restaraunt, who blatantly doesn't fit in. Maybe not so extreme. Driving on the parkway is a nightmare....not only for the fact that I drive like a 90 year old lady (You know like those ones who are so short they can't see over the steering wheel of their car? ...more

Missing You Already

A cruel experiment into the effects of metropolitan withdrawal on a city girl. This is France! Where are all the Pret A Mangers? All I see are sheep... ...more