Croissants (not) from Scratch

Fun fact: when choosing which language I wanted to learn in school I chose French, even though everyone else I knew took Spanish. I actually took one year of French in middle school, followed by two more years of French in high school before deciding to take a year of Spanish.Another fun fact: I can’t speak French OR Spanish. However, I know JUST enough French to be able to ask for directions and understand the answer (proven on a trip to Luxembourg) and enough Spanish to order a meal (proven on a trip to Spain). So, that’s a win in my book!...more

Trader Joe's Favorites

Let's talk Trader Joe's. I love it for many reasons - the prices are great, they offer a lot of organics and all house brand items are Non-GMO (but not labeled that way, read why here), it's small which means I can do my shopping quickly, and it's a fun environment. Want to try something? Just ask an employee and they'll open it for you - including wine!...more

The Kitchen Think: Expired Food = Cheap Meals

Would you eat food that has expired?There’s a new grocery store/restaurant/teaching kitchen opening next year in Dorchester, Massachusetts that will offer only food that is already past its sell-by date.Is this a bold attempt to make healthy food more affordable and reduce food waste? Or merely another way to make a buck off of those who have few options for shopping elsewhere?...more

Protect Yourself Against Contaminated Peanut Butter

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a multistate outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to peanut butter and other nut-containing products made by Sunland, Inc. The company's products are sold in a number of major national grocery chains, including Trader Joe's, Target, and Whole Foods. ...more
 @Genie Gratto Which is a plus, since he's the kind of kid who will pick up random things off ...more

Gift Tags by Trader Joe's

Last year Trader Joe's had some fantastic holiday bags with festive words addorning them all over.  They were, yes I'm going to say it, pretty!  Who wanted to recycle something so nice. While I do love those Marthesque gift tags, oh, I really do...I also like saving a buck and a tree!  So,  I set out cutting apart their bags and used them as gift tags.  Brad, rolled his eyes at me.  I thought it was quite ingenious!  ...more

"Brussel Sprouts are Risky!"

Cece and the cashier had a nice conversation as she took item after item out of the cart and rang Cece up.  All at once the cashier stopped in her tracks holding a plastic container of salad…”Brussel Sprouts are Risky” the woman said, “You are brave to eat them!” ...more

Everyone Can Use Coupons and Be an Extreme Couponer

This extreme couponing stuff is fun. Who knew? Seriously. When I watched those TLC Extreme Couponing videos in January, I was fascinated and overwhelmed and felt a little queasy about it all -- I really didn't think it looked like fun. The extreme coupon community is so friendly, helpful, encouraging and supportive that I find myself smiling every time I read their blogs and their forums. And it is definitely fun to buy 28 frozen food items and have the Target cashier hand you $15 in Target gift cards after already saving more than $30 on the purchase. That's not just fun, it's down right exciting. The most fun of all is teaching other people how to extreme coupon - and hearing their shopping trip success stories. Best. Feeling. Ever. (OK not ever, but you know what I mean.) ...more
Ummm could you plz tell me how you do this? I had a sister in law who would pile up on stuff and ...more

My One Hundredth BlogHer Post & The Top Five Are…

Last time I wrote here, I was surprised to see “99 posts” by my name, so Happy Anniversary to me! I checked to see, out of these 99 posts, which have been read the most. That list is below. A couple of years ago when I found, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of thoughts and feelings expressed here. It’s equally nice to find the silly. Silly is as important as pie, and pie is essential. Here are my posts that’ve been read most often, so far: 1) TRADER JOE’S FEARLESS FLYER 2) PAPERWHITES: BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED 3) FOOD NETWORK CHANGES ...more

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. I read your latest blog and you don't need any ...more

Red Pepper Chicken and Olive Spread


Target and Trader Joe's...More than just Stores

One thing about being a stay-at-home mom that surprises me is how isolating it can be. My routine involves dropping my daughter off at school, running errands, going home to do chores and surf the web. It drives a mom to blog! The lack of social interactions is isolating, so I'm not at all surprised that moms join Facebook by the droves and socialize on the internet in other ways....more