Flexibility as Part of Holiday Tradition

 I like reading "Dear Abby," the same way I like reading the Horoscope or guessing how old the celebrities are on their birthday (I give myself ±2 years for a "correct" guess. Did you know Gloria Steinem is close to Mom's age than mine?)No, Abby, No. Oh Abby, you got this one so wrong....more

The History of Royal Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

When I first moved to Hawaii, I was quite impressed with the amount and quality of jewelry that many of the older Hawaiian women wore. It was not uncommon to see four or five solid gold bracelets and three or more golden necklaces adorning their arms and necks. I was curious as to why these pretty women had to wear so many at the same time, and learned later that it was more of a tradition. So, here I will tell you about the beginnings of Royal Hawaiian Jewelry....more

Pot Liquor

About a week ago, I made some off the cuff vegetable soup. I threw in a pot some potatoes, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, chicken broth and some kale. I ate it for a few days then in the fridge it sat. Today I work I remembered the soup, as I was eating a frozen pot pie cooked in the microwave. Tonight I came home and transferred the rest of the soup to a container I could take to work. I noticed there wasn't much kale in there. So I quickly chopped some up, put some water in a pot and cooked down the kale so it would match the consistency of the rest of the soup....more

Thanksgiving Day

From my blog, Take It Easy published 27 November 2014...more

Why Mother's Day Is Hard For Me

Mother's Day is a mixed-bag. It always has been. I imagine when I was a young child I didn't have any issues. I'm sure I made lovely, cutesy little things for my mother. As an adult though, I have been inconsistent with even recognizing Mother's Day as a day to celebrate my mother. I often am not entirely sure when it is. (Though that may be related more to me not paying attention to holidays much....more

Trend Alert: Divorce Tattoos...?

Are you inked?  If not, are you thinking about getting a tattoo?  Are these thoughts connected to an event in your life such as divorce, marriage, death, love?  It’s human nature to want to mark an event with a celebration or a ceremony and sometimes with INK....more
Jeana Love your perspective, Jeana! Great points all round.more

Nostalgia, Powdered Sugar, and Family

Chrusciki (hrrooss-CHEE-kee)Traditional Polish confection....more

I love Christmas I hope that like Scrooge people say of me "It was always said of her, that she knew how to keep Christmas well!

My earliest memories are of my love of Christmas and the Holiday Season. Our family tradition growing up was that while we children sleep, Santa came bringing us our presents piled up under the biggest Christmas tree that I ever saw, we had twenty foot ceilings in our home. After we went to bed our parents would work into the early morning decorating our tree and putting together all our toys so that we awoke to a magical Christmas morning.   ...more