Why The Poinsettia

Why The Poinsettia?This time of year you can find one plant all over the place. It comes in a variety of colors, and looks like it should be on your grandmother’s kitchen table. The Poinsettia. I am not a fan of this plant at all. It looks fake, and some what tacky I feel. I never understood why people liked them, or why they were so popular around Christmas, until I did some research. The story is kind of neat....more

A Mother's Love Carries On Through Cooking

Julie from Just Jules...more

65th Annual Piper Reunion

65th Annual Piper Reunion  A tree without roots will fall over.  ~unknown...more

Asking A Father's Permission: Romantic or Chauvinist?

Before my ex-husband proposed to me, he met with my mother for dinner to disclose our intentions and ask for my family's blessing. Not too long in the past, this kind of meeting had a very specific purpose -- and not one that I look back on with any sort of nostalgia. Back then, it was not a blessing that was asked of the future bride's family, but permission and it wasn't so much a gesture as it was a negotiation. ...more
Well, if it's important to the bride - just do it. But otherwise... I think it's rather ...more

Memorial Day Tradtition

Memorial Day Tradition Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.  ~Anthony Brandt...more

Lessons Learned at Grammas Knee


Our Annual Spring House Blessing

Right before the first day of spring, as nature renews its spirit and strength, so goes the renewal of spirit and strength in our home. Every year we invite our priest over to our home and perform a "House Blessing" ceremony, or "Service of the Blessing of Water". Image: 依靈 via Flickr ...more
 @CarolynMullin Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Yes, God is with us always and ...more

Biggest, Slowest, Fastest, Mostest... as declared in 1963

One thing I cannot resist are old books. I can't afford the money and shelf space for old books just for the sake of them being old, as much as I would love an entire library full, but books that paint a picture of the world at their time of origin are something I seem to be unable to pass up....more

Welsh Rarebit: A Family Tradition

For as long as I can remember, my mother has made a bizarre dish called Welsh Rarebit. Translated to American fare, it involves melted cheese over crumbled saltines and ...um, that's pretty much it. When the family gathers at my brother's Mississippi home for the holidays, my mother is expected to recreate this family memory on the stove....more
Oh! Not so fast! This is big at our house. Home made from cheddar cheese and beer. We put it on ...more