Greek Easter & Passover: Sharing Food and Feud

Greek Easter & Passover: Sharing Food and Feud Traditional family holidays meant&nbs...more

The Greeks don't hold back:) When my mother cursed, she did it in Greek, so the neighbors ...more

Wedding Cake Eating: The Sequel

So, technically our anniversary was on the 27th of March, but we just got around to eating the top of the wedding cake last night. It was surprisingly good. My brother, who house sat for us when we were on our honeymoon, wrapped it and he actually did a really good job. He wrapped it twice in saran wrap, and then twice in foil. Nicely done, big bro!...more

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit

It’s the Year of the Rabbit!...more

Becoming Flame: Wisdom Dialogues

 From an interview with author Isabel Anders by Gary Entsminger of Pinyon Publishing: Are there special people (family members, other writers, friends) who have influenced your writing?...more

Christmas Highlights (And you thought YOUR family was crazy???)

1.  I can never hear my son call my brother, Scott, “Uncle C*ck,” too many times.  Never gets old.2.  It was good thinking to keep the child locks on our windows so that my mom was unable to roll down the window and shout things at houses when driving home from Christmas Eve dinner.  We have learned from past mistakes.3.  I truly loved watching my brother fall off the couch into the firewood basket.  In my mind, I replay the moment in slow motion....more

My Family's Holiday Heritage: Christmas Past and New Traditions

I was not born Jewish. I wasn’t raised in any particular religion, but my mom’s side of the family has been Christian for as long as we can remember. My great aunt Pauline has hosted our family’s Christmas Eve celebration for as long as anyone can remember. I'd like to tell you about her....more

My mom, who was the Matriarch in our family, died 11 years ago just months after my last ...more

Keeping the Tradition Alive know, I know...what would Christmas be without dozens and dozens of homemade cookies? Or batch after batch of Chex mix? And, what about that beef stick in BBQ sauce or your special chocolate cake?...more

Thanksgiving Traditions

As I am sitting here trying to come up with a Thanksgiving menu, I realize that I have started to do what I always preach against: breaking traditions! What have I done? I love traditions. Where I come from the one thing that separates you from the next neighbor - or neighboring country - are traditions! Why would I want to break away from the good ol' ways of doing things? Well, I'm not going to! It just isn't right. I know I have to make my guests happy, but I need to be happy, too. And if you want good tasting food on that table, you better believe that the cook needs to be happy!...more

Oh I'm prepared for the rest of the dishes, especially the desserts, but for whatever reason I ...more