Figgy Pudding Anyone?

A few important points and then on to the meat and potatoes part of this blog today.1:  If your like me and not a consistent (or ever) a nail painter...stop right now.  Go grab some clippers, a file, and a bottle of the nail polish and spend 5 minutes on yourself.  I did this this morning, first time in I don't even know how long and already I'm flinging my hands around in the most awkward expressive ways when I talk.  While it's drying come back and read the rest.

Ha! I second the nail painting suggestion. It's amazing how even a few minutes like that can be ...more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

Garter Go or Garter Stay?

Ever watched a groom disappear under the layers of lace and chiffon of a bride’s dress?...more

Forget The Bouquet, Single Ladies Need to Catch a Break

Teresa Tam Photography, http://www.TeresaTamStudio.comAs a frequent single at weddings, catching the bouquet symbolized more than just being next up to the altar. It represented being on a team perceived as less favorable – the singles team. Identifying oneself as such to a wedding crowd is not always fun. It’s like announcing that your batting average in relationships is so low that you’ve resorted to catching a bunch of flowers for good luck in love. It’s no wonder the bouquet toss has fallen out of favor....more

I Am Getting Ready For Passover. Are You?

  By Alicia Rockmore   Passover is one of my favorite holidays. It is like a Spring Thanksgiving with food that is not quite as good. It is a time for our family to get together, sit around a table and make memories. I have such wonderful memories of Passover when I was growing up....more

White Girls Win Step Show, On No They Didn't

I know it’s strange to see white faces at a dance competition traditionally dominated by black sororities and fraternities. But barring the girls from competing and booing them afterwards? Really. Is this the ‘Change’ we all voted for?...more

On the Road Again

Random thoughts while traveling down the highway on the way to a family gathering six hours away: What do truckers do on Christmas? Delilah on the radio says she’s going sledding and skiing this weekend, and wants us to take her along whatever we’re doing this weekend.  Is she going to have a radio on her while she skis down the mountain?  I doubt it.  ...more

Dickens at Christmastime

Charles Dickens and his enduringly popular tales really remind me of Christmastime and have become a part of our homeschooling schedule, for this time of year.  The obvious connection here would be with Dickens’ story, A Christmas Carol.  This year another movie adaptation of the story has been released, by Disney – the story lives on and is relevant for people in our modern age, just as it was for people during the Victorian Era. ...more

Sisters and Aunts and Daughters and Nieces and Holidays

Thanksgiving always makes me think of the people who are missing.  By now that's almost an entire generation: my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  We all came together at our house.  As the oldest cousin, I got to help in the kitchen and set the table. Sounds lame but it felt very grownup.  Not that that lasted for long.  Over the years we went from three to six to nine cousins, producing plays to perform after dinner, playing Sardines and Murder, telling secrets and wreaking civilized havoc.  ...more