The Dancer

I went to see a wonderful dance performance yesterday. My sister's - but that is irrelevant.She trained in one of the old classical dance forms of our country with the legendary Master of that discipline. From the time when we were very young she wanted to be a dancer. It was instinctive. She was absolutely driven. Nothing else had priority. Tough choices had to be made, but she always knew which way to roll the dice. As she matured as a dancer she brought the same intensity to the pieces that she then began to choreograph....more

Live from Quebec: Experiencing the Annual Sugaring Off

"We can smell the maple syrup as soon as we step out of the car. I can see smoke rising up out of the trees and the sun warms my face. ... We've all come for one thing: sugaring off. During these warm days and cool nights, the sap is running in Lynn and Marc's 25 acre 'sugar bush'. The maple trees are tapped, and the collecting of the precious sap has begun." ~ Excerpt from Under the High Chair ...more

I visited a sugar bush once during the winter I spent in the Ottawa valley. It was such fun! ...more

Happy Eastoverversary!

This is a weird week, for several reasons. First of all, after a very mild winter with very little snow (much to my snow-day-driven children’s dismay), I sit here on my computer watching the freakishly large snowflakes drive in whirls and swirls past my window - and around a large black dog roaming through the wooded area next to the house. This is strange for two reasons 1) we own a yellow lab and a miniature dachshund - neither of which are black and b) it’s APRIL! ...more

Martenitsa - Happy 1st of March!

I want to greet you all with the 1st of March! "Chestita Baba Marta!" - this is one of the most loved Bulgarian ancient traditions: on March 1, people in Bulgaria celebrate Baba Marta's day through the symbolic exchange of martenitsi. They are always made of red and white threads as symbols of health and happiness.  Baba Marta brings the end of cold winter and the beginning of spring. ...more

From Dr. Pat: Making Christmas Anew


Our Festival of Lights

This week it is time to dig out our menorah, dreidels and get ready for the Festival of Lights. ...more

Santa: Is He or Isn't He? What Do You Tell Your Kids?

I have always been a great believer in pretend and imagination. As my husband and I have raised our kids I've relished my role as Head Elf, Resident Leprechaun, Tooth Fairy, Easter Rabbit, Great Pumpkin, and any other imaginary, gift-bearing being. ...more
We don't plan on it. Actually, we just broke it to my parents... I thought it was a small thing, ...more

Holiday tradition for readers

I just heard about a cool Christmas tradition from a co-worker, Cathy. It sounds like a great idea if you have a family that likes to read. Cathy's parents host a dinner one night around the holidays.  Before dinner, the parents take the whole family to a local bookstore.  Each person gets to pick one book and the parents pay for them all.  The parents are done with all their Christmas shopping in one fell swoop, everyone gets something they want, and the family gets to spend some no-stress time together. ...more


So. Thanksgiving. The best of the holidays, right? ...more