Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden

Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden! The Leaf market is a truly traditional Karlskrona market, in fact this market has been a yearly tradition in Karlskrona for over 200 years.Full post and photos at: Leaf market time in Karlskrona, Sweden...more

Huma, Don't Be a "Pakistani Good Wife"

Editor's note: After this post was published, the New York Times reported that Huma Abedin is pregnant. More updates below. Now that we’ve all stopped laughing about Weinergate, inquiring minds want to know: what will happen between Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife? In case you haven’t heard, his missus is, as CNN reports, Not a Typical Congressional Wife, but Huma Abedin, a 30-something Pakistani-Indian American and chief aide to Hillary Clinton....more

I don't care one whit what she does privately. It's not going to be easy one way or the other, ...more

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec

Pâté chinois, the national dish of Quebec Pâté chinois is a great family recipe. With his historical roots, this comforting meal is reproduced on a regular basis in kitchens across Quebec. The Pâté chinois is certainly the national dish of Quebec. It's a recipe that our grandmothers and our mothers did. It is democratic, easy to make, cross generations and social classes. ...more

Traditional Southern Cheese Straws

When people think of the south they likely have images of lazy summer days where women fan themselves on large porches while ...more

Our Disappearing Handwoven Textiles and Crafts

I need to concentrate on a new collection but I am not able to. I have always been passionate about woven fabric and here we have such a magnificent tradition. Our craftsmanship is also top notch. But to run a business I have to compromise big time. Mill made material is just not appealing to me, no matter how good the quality. To me they have no life. That thought ‘though is so absolutely wrong. People make a living out of the production of these fabrics. Even then. I personally can never wear them....more

Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes: Traditional, Sausage-Apple and Easy Oyster Dressing

Following is a link to my recipes for traditional stuffing, sausage-apple stuffing and oyster dressing: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/ 1193870/thanksgiving_stuffing_recipes_traditional.html ...more