(UPDATED) Lift a Blogger's Post? But Honestly, Cook's Source, You Can't Do That

In yet another case of misunderstanding blogging, Cook's Source magazine reprinted a blogger's piece without her permission. But wait! It gets better! When the author of the piece inquired about it, she was told by the editor that everything on the Internet is free domain. And! The author's piece was in need of so much editing, the author should compensate her for a job well done. I'll wait while you stop boggling. Done now? I'm not. ...more
Holy COW @JennaHatfield . That is unreal. I'll certainly add to the Twitter fire here. thanks ...more

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Sportswriter

I find it curious that mainstream media can find time to complain that bloggers are ruining news when some newspapers can't even accurately report the score of the SUPER BOWL. The Virginian-Pilot newspaper actually printed "Colts 31, Saints 17". Whoops. ...more