Weird But Real Excuses for Being Late to Work

You hear about people making crazy excuses for things like “the dog ate my homework”, but here are a few bona fide reasons I’ve been late getting to work and getting home from work.Image via Shutterstock...more

6 Reasons Why People Aren't Reading Your Blog

One of the most disheartening things for a blogger is writing that killer blog post and then have no one read it! It can be quite frustrating spending hours on a post and once you click "publish," nothing happens. There is no traffic coming to your post, and you are not sure why. Or you can be on the other end of the scale, where you are getting traffic to your blog, but it's not the amount you are looking for. This post is for you, whether you are getting no traffic to your blog or are looking to grow traffic to your blog. ...more
I'm not deleting my last comment even thought I was dopey to post it.  Found that article I was ...more

One Pet Peeve That Truly Honks. Me. Off.

I have pet peeve after pet peeve that are minor annoyances, but THIS. This pet peeve really chaps my butt.Picture this. You’re in traffic. There’s a dude wanting to get into your lane from the next lane over. His blinker has been on for a while, but none of the cars in front of you will slow down enough to let him in....more

National Traffic Directors Day (...or We're Gonna Get Jammed Up Either Way)

Today is National Broadcast Traffic Professional’s Day – or Traffic Directors Day.Just for fun, I decided to check out #TrafficDirectorsDay to see what anyone had posted.Apparently there seems to be a little bit of confusion as to what type of traffic director we’re talking about here.Most everyone in the social media world seems to think that today is a day for the directors of traffic, referring to the people who actually direct traffic on the streets....more

6 Easy Tips for Updating Old Blog Posts

Here's the problem, though. Out of a total of 230 blog posts on my site so far, only a dozen or so newer ones match my new aesthetic. As daunting and time consuming as it sounds, I've begun going through all 200+ blog posts to update the style. While I'm on each post, I run through a checklist to make sure they're updated for not just the aesthetics, but that they're an even better post with more relevant and high-quality content. Today I wanted to share with you all the checklist I run through on each blog post to make sure it is absolute best fit for my blog. ...more
Thank you so much for these super helpful tips. I hadn't even given any thought to calls to ...more

5 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

As bloggers, we spend a lot of time hovering over our keyboards, trying to come up with the right words and keep our sentences free of grammatical errors.  We slim down our content to make it easy to read and try not to bore our audience. Once we are happy with our masterpiece, which often feels as if it could go through one more round of edits, we hit “publish.” That's a lot of work for one little post. But what happens next? In other words, are you using social media to the best of your ability to extend the life of that blog post? ...more
You are very welcome Spit and Sparkles! Thanks for sharing!  You probably just saw a bunch of ...more

Making my peace with traffic

One of the many reasons we moved was to shorten our commute time. So, although I find myself driving less miles, I find that I am in the car for the same amount of time as I used to be (or sometimes for longer). Every morning and evening, I sit in traffic and look at the other cars around me: I see angry, frustrated drivers who are endangering everyone around them by not using turn signals when merging; I see sleepy drivers who are yawning and drinking Starbucks; I see a lot of people talking on their phones....more

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada    ...more

Holiday Travel, Part 2

Although I intended to get this up before now, I didn't. Nonetheless, here's a quick catch-up recap of our trip to Florida for Christmas 2013....more