Weird Excuses for Being Late to Work

You hear about people making crazy excuses for things (like “the dog ate my homework”) but here are a few bona fide reasons I’ve been late to work and getting home from work....more

5 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

As bloggers, we spend a lot of time hovering over our keyboards, trying to come up with the right words and keep our sentences free of grammatical errors.  We slim down our content to make it easy to read and try not to bore our audience. Once we are happy with our masterpiece, which often feels as if it could go through one more round of edits, we hit “publish.” That's a lot of work for one little post. But what happens next? In other words, are you using social media to the best of your ability to extend the life of that blog post? ...more
You are very welcome Spit and Sparkles! Thanks for sharing!  You probably just saw a bunch of ...more

Making my peace with traffic

One of the many reasons we moved was to shorten our commute time. So, although I find myself driving less miles, I find that I am in the car for the same amount of time as I used to be (or sometimes for longer). Every morning and evening, I sit in traffic and look at the other cars around me: I see angry, frustrated drivers who are endangering everyone around them by not using turn signals when merging; I see sleepy drivers who are yawning and drinking Starbucks; I see a lot of people talking on their phones....more

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada

Bloggers Opp – Simple Pleasures Mother’s Day Sign Up- US & Canada    ...more

Holiday Travel, Part 2

Although I intended to get this up before now, I didn't. Nonetheless, here's a quick catch-up recap of our trip to Florida for Christmas 2013....more

Don't believe everything you hear....

....regarding weather from our local news radio station.Jim, the girls and I were bumper to bumper in yesterday’s storm, long enough to hear all of the Eagles game. When we had switched briefly to news radio, they said take one bridge home, and not the other.HAH!So we sat and we sat until Jim said,”This is ridiculous”, and managed to cross over to get to the lanes of the other bridge. From there, we got home in 30 minutes.Otherwise, if he never moved, we’d probably still be there.News radio? Why do you lie?...more

Life in our tent

We are sitting out in our screened in tent trying to catch some breeze. It is alittle drizzly here, so any fresh air we can get is appreciated. The wood was delivered on Friday, so we really didn’t see too much new this weekendwith the exception of some clean fill added.I am sure over this next week the viewfrom the tent will probably be different…lol. The bigger joke is that we WERE debating going home early, but we figured everyone andtheir mom is leaving early due to the weather, so we can sit in traffic now OR wait and sit later. ...more

Row, row , row your boat...

We left Undisclosed yesterday around 3:45 PM. The sky was pretty much like it was most of the day: it looked as though it would rain within 5 minutes no matter where you were. ...more

10 Ways to Explode Your Web Traffic Conversions Today

If your site has goal is to get someone to optin to your emails, boosting your traffic conversions will get you a far bigger increase than boosting traffic.I can tell you boosting your conversion rate from 1-5% is infinitely easier and cheaper than acquiring 40,000 targeted new visitors....more

4 Sobering Reasons You Should Avoid Guest Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for longer than a couple of months, you should’ve heard by now how great guest blogging is when it comes down to building an audience.Pretty much every blogger out there is aware of that fact.The real problem is that most folks aren’t taking action.For a while I was in the same boat.I waited and waited for months…There was the fear that my post wouldn’t be accepted.Then I feared that if the post was accepted, I would receive very little social sharing....more