13 Things You Should Know About Trail Running

Since I've been training for my first trail half marathon, I thought it would be fitting to share with you a few things I've learned throughout the training process. While it's been a long and challenging three months of preparation to reach this little goal of mine, I just logged my very last long distance run before the big day – 12 trail miles to be exact. So that puts me just 1.1 miles shy of what the race will bring me. I may actually be able to pull this off. ...more
Love this! My first half marathon was on trail but I had trained on street. I agree with all of ...more

Trail Running: 8 Life Lessons

1) It’s okay to feel nervous. Although I move my body every day, and although I adore running on trails and have done myriad trail races, I still lost sleep the night before a recent race. Would I dress warmly enough? Should I wear a ball cap? Would my body rebel and decide to announce, ‘Uh, yea: I don’t think so’? Would I walk to the car when it was all over and think, ‘I could have done better’? Would my bowels decide they’d been feeling neglected and want my full focus? Trail racing reminds me that if I worry, it means I care....more

Why I Love New Balance

Back in the day, I always wanted the "cool" tennis shoes.  Which as I remember were Reeboks and Jordans... Well, if I didn't have the money on my own, I didn't get them.  I remember my dad telling me one time that he would buy my shoes for me if I would pick a pair of Saucony or New Balance. "They're the only shoes made in America, and I'm not paying money for any !@#$% shoes."  Okay, Dad. Well, needless to say, I just found the money myself because back then, those shoes were old people shoes and definitely NOT cool. ...more

Why I Run

I don’t run for medals. I don’t run for racing shirts or fancy gear. I don’t run for PRs. I don’t run for weight loss. I don’t run for popularity or recognition.  I don’t even run for fitness. I’ll tell you why I do run though…I run because there is no sweeter taste than that of fresh air...more

To Trail Run Or Not To Trail Run?

 Does running ever get boring?  Monotonous? Tedious?  Predictable? Treacherous? Grueling? Even if you love running, you probably said yes.  What can you do to save yourself?  Change it up. ...more
I will take trails any day over pavement :) I like the change of scenery and the solitude of  ...more

Running a vertical kilometer

The definition of "Vertical Kilometer" is simple: a thousand meter drop on the shortest distance possible to perform against the clock....more