San Bernardino

Nancy M. Garber...more

Beijing to Xian - when train travel loses its romance

As you recall in episode 1, your raconteur found herself stranded on the top bunk of a miniscule train compartment on an overnight train from Beijing to Xian....more

A romantic train journey in China???

There's a certain romance attached to train travel, an elegance associated with sleeper and dining cars. Think Some Like it Hot, or Murder on the Orient Express, or any of a dozen screwball comedies starring Cary Grant or Kathryn Hepburn....more

The Magic of the Rails

Given the choice, I would do all my travel by train. I don't like planes (uncomfortable tin cans unnaturally rocketing through space) or boats (uncomfortable tin cans bobbing around on the ever moving surface of the water). I'm down with road trips, but for distance, you can't beat the train (okay, it's a string of tin cans rattling along, lurching at stops, and who knows when you'll depart, much less arrive?) I love that trains have space, that you can walk around, that you can look in to back yards and back doors as you roll by... ...more

I've had so many impressive moments on the train.  When traveling from Colorado to Utah ...more

Three Girls, Two Cities, One Day

Ellen Burstyn lived as a homeless person for a few days to step out of her comfort zone. I don't need to go quite that far just yet. For me, stepping out of my own comfort zone only requires me taking the girls into two cities, aboard two trains, on three cab rides and onto the steamy streets of New York. All in just twelve hours. ...more