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There are a million and one training plans. Most share similar ideas of how to improve.  The question though is not "what plan" but "what is your goal?" Asking that question will help you narrow down your plan.As you know, when I started running, I just ran. I started with the basic running plan that my Tri Group introduced me to. The couch to 5k. It was perfect for my goal of the time which literally was just to get my @ss off the couch to run the 5K in the Tri. It worked....more

Fall Half Marathon Training Plan

Oh my gosh half marathon....more

Novice Half Marathon Training Plan

When my niece told me she wanted to run a half marathon in the Fall for the first time, I was ecstatic. I love my niece, and I love running so I was thrilled she wanted to give something I’m passionate about a try. The furthest race she has completed is a 10k, so this will be her biggest running accomplishment by far. I told her I would put together a plan that she could use that would help her ease into her training for her first half marathon and get her across that finish line successfully. She has 13 weeks to train so that is where the number of weeks came from....more

The Simple Track to Your 5K

Welcome to the Road to 5K, part of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program! Hi, I'm Ashley and I blog at where I chronicle my life as a vegan runner, yogi, CrossFitter and triathlete. Fitness excites me and reminds me I’m alive. I became a certified personal trainer to inspire others with their fitness goals and am looking forward to earning my CrossFit Endurance certification next month!...more
During my exercise I'm just using my iPod to track how many kilometers and approximately how ...more


In 2012, I plan to do:A 12 mile trail run with family.  (Which I just calculated out to equal 19.3 kilometres.  HOLY CRAP!)The St. Patrick's Day 10k trail runThe Tri-Diva Super Sprint Triathlon (250m swim, 5k bike, 2.5k run)The Moose is Loose Half Marathon trail runThe Strathmore Women's Triathlon, sprint-distance (500m swim, 10k bike, 5k run)A half-Olympic triathlon TBA (depending on whether or not I'm willing to separate myself from enough cash to buy a tri-bike).Some relevant facts:...more

It's time to play...

...Choose that marathon training plan!!...more

Triathlon Try - The Training Plan

My body is not cooperating.  I decided to sprint the last 200 metres of my run this morning.  And suffered....more