Riding in cars of trains

This weekend my husband and I will be taking a train up to New York City. I have never had much affection for the Big Apple with its over-populated streets, subway smells, and the city’s overall need for speed. With my husband’s increasing need to go to the city because, “that’s where things happen,” I find myself occupying space on its streets more often. The exciting part about this particular trip will not be to see its tall buildings or its incredible venues to park yourself in a chair to people watch, it will be the train ride. I loves trains....more

What You Must Know If You Are Traveling Cross-Country By Train

My husband and I recently traveled to San Jose, California by train to attend the BlogHer14 convention. I’ll write more about the convention soon, but before that, I wanted to give you a few tips about traveling by long-distance train in the United States....more

TRAVEL: A Day Out With Thomas Event at Greenfield Village

Can anyone tell me if there is a toddler who doesn’t love Thomas? (Not me, but you never know.)...more


Today's gonna be a much more lighthearted day here. After all the emotions that yesterday's post brought up for me and some others, today should be filled with cuteness. A note about comments: I don't know why some of them just disappear when you hit "publish." I've looked and looked for an answer, and blogger is very unhelpful. If you've managed to solve this on your blog, let me know how....more

Calling All Train Fans

If you have a train lover in your family, Entertrainment Junction is a must-see attraction to visit in the Cincinnati area. This museum/train extravaganza houses the world's largest indoor train display. Walk through a historical tour represented by lots and lots of miniature trains running along tracks beside, above and all around. Steam locomotives, trolley cars, today's diesel locomotives and subway trains run through the mini towns, cities and countryside of our nation's history....more

3 Days Left of Advent: Summers of Train Rides, of Food, of Caricatures and Family

There is a little corner in my heart I call “my happy place.” And when called upon, memories of jolly days come flooding to the surface, to rescue and lift my troubled spirit. So this morning I awoke with glorious memories: for a taste for yummy hot dog on a tick, slathered with mustard, and battered, deep fried mushrooms, zucchini and artichoke hearts. And to this I conjured memories of giant redwoods and the smell of steam train smoke, and of seeing family members’ faces sitting across from me on a moving train, basking in the same happiness, taking it all in!...more
They certainly have been wonderful days! So far, everyone we've taken, has wanted to go back ...more

C'Mon Ride the Train

My favorite mode of transportation is the train. I take the train from Chicago to Michigan and back a couple times a year. It's about a four hour ride and the time flies by. Instead of dreading the travel part of my trip, I actually look forward to it....more

Share Your Favorite Summer Memories

Happy Solstice, dear bloggers. Summer's arrival launches a season when fashion means sparkly flip-flops, the blender stays out and adventures pile up, right? As Section Editor for this here Life category, which includes travel, I'm making a request. Being the naturally curious and expressive people that bloggers are, we get outside eventually, right? Tell me about it. No, really. Tell me....more


Thanks so much for sharing these lovely posts! You really captured the magic of those ...more

Tom the Tank

Yesterday, I “arrived” as they say. Or maybe, more accurately, Thomas the Tank Engine arrived…in my Gmail inbox.You see, the “official” Thomas & Friends—a.k.a. @TrueBlueEngine—is now following me on Twitter. Let me say that again: Thomas the Tank Engine is following the infrequent tweets of little old me!Not impressed yet? Perhaps you haven’t been properly acquainted with Thomas then. Humor me while I fill you in....more

Crochet pouches

Hello Crafty Blogher readers, I recently posted new items to my shop and wanted to share them with you.  Please allow me introduce myself first for those of you who haven't seen my posts yet. My name is Monica and I graduated with a degree in dance and minor in studio art. I was lucky to be able to do post-college studies in Natural Sciences and Sociology....more