Questioning Gender

Before we dig into the latest gender news, be sure to read Rita's post, Transgendered Children. It's important that you hear that story before you dig into the story of Pop, the child being raised without gender. ...more

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Trans Health Care Is A Life and Death Matter

by Eleanor J. Bader from On The Issues Magazine Robert Eads was visiting friends in the late 1990s when he woke up in a pool of blood. His terrified hosts quickly began calling hospitals, clinics, and private physicians, explaining that Robert was a partially-transitioned female-to-male transsexual and demanding an immediate appointment. ...more

Gender Identity - Are Trans Men Butch?

When I blogged about Chaz Bono I said gender is complicated and that I felt like I needed to write an entire series in order to cover everything that Chaz's announcement brought up. Well, gender is complicated and here I am blogging about gender identity much sooner than I expected to be. ...more

I'm in agreement with you on "it depends on how they feel about it". There are of course trans ...more

Straight But Not Narrow

OnePinky sister, Sara, recently wrote this testimony in honor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month and I wanted to share it with you all: I like to say that I’m straight, but not narrow. I’m married to a man, but I can appreciate the curves of a woman just as much as I can the broad torso of a man. I might have a crush on Will Smith—but I’ve also had a little thing going for Rosario Dawson for a while (yes, Seven Pounds just made my entire year). ...more

The Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and a Look at Trans Porn!

Last Friday I spent the day hanging out at the 8th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference and got my learn on about all the new medical and health info going on in the transgender community.  This conference is near and dear to my heart and I’ve been either attending or volunteering for a bunch of years.  This year I was lucky enough to not only go to learn, but to also preach the porno gospel and hand out free 30-minute cards for ...more

6-13-09 ...A Third Word on Lesbian Hair

I have decided that there is a serious need to teach pluralism in beauty and fashion.  I’m not talking about feminizing “androgyny,” and I’m not talking about heaving a person across gender lines to the extent that his/her full on gender expression/identity is imposed upon, either.  I’m talking about serious, honest to God pluralism.  The kind that opens our eyes to see more than One, OR the O ...more

We’re Here, We’re Queer! Happy LGBT Pride Month!



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pregnant man?

We’ve all seen the headlines - pregnant man givesbirth!  Pregnant man expectingagain! Wait - huh? When did that happen?  Howdid it happen?  Has there been somekind of medical breakthrough occuring that I wasn’t aware of?  Have I been asleep at the wheel?   ...more

On Becoming a Woman

In every woman’s life there’s a point, a transition, to becoming a woman. For most of us it happens in our teen years with the hormonal rollercoaster ride we call puberty. For some the biological process gets a little messed up and needs some help. Our bodies, being imperfect constructs, do not always do what is best for our health and well being. ...more

and feel rather sheepish that my employer (a state agency) fully stands behind me, and given ...more

"Third Genders" in Societies with Rigid Gender Roles

Yesterday morning over breakfast, I was riveted by a New York Times article on elective female-to-male transgenderism in rural Albania. The story detailed the practice of "sworn virgins" (although I think this name is misleading and sensationalizing), women who, after the death of the family's patriarch, volunteer to remain virgins for the rest of their lives and then assume the male role of the family. ...more

and to be honest, not something I gave much thought to for most of my life.

My efforts ...more