My Midlife Liver Vacation

I have found it truly amazing to see how people have reacted to our decision to sell the family home of twenty years and leave the dream life in Spain behind. Many felt that I must have hit some sort of midlife crisis, so you can imagine their shock when I also let the cat out of the bag, “Never mind sober October, I haven’t been drinking since June!”...more

Attempts at Being a Domestic Engineer

Whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, you've likely daydreamed how awesome it would be to experience the other, more desirable avenue. The grass always seems greener. I have been adjusting to my new unemployed status and have had aspirations to live in a tidy, organized home, serving well balanced meals and being fully engaged with the children. So far, it's been better, but not perfect. To be honest, a lot of the domestic things I did I would do normally while working anyway, just in more efficient/hurried/agitated manner....more
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The Importance of Change

As we go through life, change manifests in many forms. Change can take the form of minute details or complete transformation, and whether it is expected or not, massive or minuscule, it is what gives life its continuity. Without change, life would be constant and predictable....more

Sleeping Baby

My little girl is sleeping in her very own bedroom for the first time tonight. She is four years old. Some of you may be thinking, well it’s about time! some of you still are like me and transitioning. While pregnant with her I had very clear plans of how I was going to raise my child and like many first time mother’s they all went out the window, baby with the bathwater (ok maybe not the baby). First thing on my list was to sleep train....more


You got the job.  Now what? Starting a new job can be just as stressful as searching for a new job. Whether it’s in your existing company or a new company the transition can set you up for success of failure. Use these tips to set yourself up for success with the company, team and boss in your new job. THE COMPANY ...more

Mastering the Transition: Embracing Your Life After the Kids Are Gone

Transition: The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to anotherIt’s been about a month now since you settled your son or daughter into their 12 x 10 dorm space with a new, complete stranger, and drove away thinking your heart might never feel the same.Thirty or so days for your child to adjust to their new world. How are they doing? ...more

Liminal Spaces: Women's Stories of Transition

“Birth is the death of the life we have known; death is the birth of the life we have yet to live. We need to hold the tensions and allow our circuit to give way to a larger circumference.” ~Marion Woodman...more

Fade to Black: Death After Dementia

  It seems very wrong to write a eulogy for someone who is still alive. That's what I've been doing today. But instead of putting my scattered ideas onto paper, I'm writing this. It's one thing to eulogize in your head and another thing entirely to commit those thoughts to sentences and paragraphs....more

How to Transition From Being an Employee to an Entrepreneur in Four Easy Steps

As we dive into springtime, there may be some entrepreneurial thoughts floating around the cubicles of employees. If you have a strong idea in place, the new season may be the perfect opportunity to break out of the corporate world and venture into becoming your own boss and running a start-up. There’s no better time like the present to get your running start! But before you make the transition from employee to entrepreneur, keep the following tips in mind to make for a smoother shift.Communicate with your current boss....more

4 Ways to Hone in on Your Soul Mission

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were guests at a spa resort at in the Arizona desert called Miraval, known for its focus on mindful living....more