The Art is in the Transition.


The 5 Life Rules for Handling Change

 Chill, baby!Over the last few weeks I’ve been migrating this blog to a self-hosted website and that is where we are right now. Welcome to the new site....more

An Ordinary Family Making a Not So Ordinary Choice About School

Did I ever mention I am a homeschooler?...more
@txfamilyof7 I like to think of it more that we've chosen to try something new, which is in line ...more

Being Here

My world is changing yet again.  Having a temporary stay in Sedona has had its ups and downs.  I adventured out a bit, witnessed a Black Hawk attack a Great Blue Herron in mid air, protecting his territory, or so the ranger and I surmised.  And I’ve made some unexpected yet dear friends whom I’ve had to say so long to, and wonder if we really will see each other again.  I’ve learned as much as I’m going to about the Gerson Therapy, and feel that my faith and hope is in the right place.  Treating the body, not the disease feels right to me.  My body is pure, and...more

A Salad

I’ve spent the last two days inside my tiny apartment nursing a stubborn cold.  In my bedroom rather.  I guess they are one in the same really.  I’ve spent a lot of time in this room.  It has served as my bedroom, our living room, our dining room, and a guest bedroom.  My walls are covered in postcards from our travels, inspirational quotes rewritten in my favorite calligraphy pen and the four-foot words HAPPY BDAY, Collin’s contribution to my special day last fall.  When we first arrived these walls were blank, an off-white zigzag patterned nothingness with br...more


"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." ~ Thornton Wilder     Allways Options is women collaborating to create solutions for personal,...more

Between = in the meantime

When I think of the word between, it evokes transition to me - like when someone says, we're between sitters right now, or I'm between sizes, or all too often in these economic times, he's in between jobs. Transition, in the meantime, or meanwhile - they're all words I use a lot these days. Actually I think it's an excellent description of The Tripped Up Family. We're in transition in so many places, sometimes it's hard to keep count of all of them....more

Living in the US, Living in Germany

Here vs. There: What I'm Loving, What I'm Missing Knowing that being in the States is temporary, it is easy to enjoy the things that come with this territory. The fact that we chose as a family to leave the US means that there are also things we preferred about living in Germany. Let's start with the good things about being here: ...more

Thank you, Laurel, for your thoughtful comment. I loved living in Germany, and wish you all the ...more


I read recently that only 2% of the human population find their true soul mates because to do so requires lifetimes of growth.  I also learned that from the first moment when a person does meet his or her soul mate there is an unexplainable familiarity, a knowing that you don't know how you know, you just know that you know each other. Deeply. Call it recognition, and you know that you share a one-of-a-kind connection with each other....more