Grieving on Planes

I seem to do much grieving on planes....more

Advice To a 20 Something

I have become an unofficial life advisor to the 20 something generation. My daughters are in their twenties, as are my best friend's children. I have nieces and nephews in their twenties....more

Learning to be Still

Everything in my world is changing.My entire universe is shifting....more

The Secret to Getting Your Kids to Do What You Want

I watched her seamlessly round up her four children as they splashed, swam, and dove in the pool....more
Awesome! I am the "set out the expectation" mom too. I love to see that it is noticed :)more

Transitions and Changes


Navigating transitions when they feel like dead ends.

There’s the commonly quoted phrase by Heraclitus,“Change is the only constant in life,” and I say “Ay Ay!” to that, it has proved very true in my own life.But regardless of my knowledge that change is inevitable, my reactions to change can still be tangled up in fear and worry, especially when it is unexpected.You see, like many, change is something I know well....more

Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

My toddler, Emme, has typically been a pretty good night sleeper (naps have been another story). She sleeps 11-12 hours, goes down early and relatively easily, and sleeps through the night. We go through phases—some are harder, some are easier—but for about a year now, we’ve laid our little angel in her crib at 6:45 p.m., knowing that 9.9 times out of 10, she’ll sleep peacefully until 6:30 a.m.“Nigh nigh Mommy. Nigh nigh Daddy,” she says as we turn off the lights, exit her room, and smugly pat ourselves on the back for another easy, breezy toddler bedtime routine....more

Becoming a Stay at Home Wife

Well I have an announcement to make...I am going to try staying home for a bit.  I provided my notice last Friday and May 23rd is supposed to be my last day at work. ...more

The Art is in the Transition.