Transsexuals entering beauty contests

Do any other women find themselves a bit uncomfortable about transsexuals being allowed to enter beauty contests? Firstly I am totally for equal rights for our Gay, Lesbian and Transexual communities. But you can't tell me that someone who was born male, despite how much plastic surgery they go through is going to have a female body with hips, thighs and butt. Of course they will look like some fabulous Barbie like, Coathanger creature that fashion designers love. But is that something that we as women should accept? Mind you who said beauty contests were about reality anyway....more
Hi Natty :)   I'm a post-operative male to female transsexual. I just wanted you to know that I ...more

hiding in public

Most of us who come out aren’t doing so because we wish to entertain others, because we crave attention, or because we wish to promote publication of a memoir. Most of us come out after significant personal struggle and a whole lot of soul searching. And sometimes, in the aftermath of a whole lot of damage....more

they will do a lot based on peer pressure, but as they move forward, they do begin to question ...more