Spring Cleaning: Beauty Empties and What's in my Trash!

Been filling up a Teva shoebox--(the original sandal if interested--love them!) of all my empties/trash and have reached capacity. Time to clean house--in no particular order! I will note if I will repurchase at the end of each quick product review. Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Step 2: Replenish. Made of teas so very soothing to the skin. Pretty iridescent look to it when pumped onto fingertips. Feels nice after exfoliating. Maybe. ...more

We Used To Get Things Fixed, Not Throw Them Away!

We Used To Get Things Fixed, Not Throw Them Away! When I was young, we got the tv fixed when it quit working. This is the “Throw-Away Generation” ...more

One lousy night of sleep

That’s all it took.You can never catch up on sleep that by-passes you: there is no laying catch up.Plus the added allure of unpacking things and putting things away and trying to find room or toss things just really works as good as Sominex.I have been working little bit by little bit, between washing, donation piles, trash, walking the girls, visiting friends and at 5P.M. I am beat. There is so much more to do and there is also Mass tomorrow so the act has to get together for the morning.Did I mention the nice spring weather doesn’t help much either?LOL...more

Yes, I'm judging you

I try really hard to not judge other people, especially parents. Parenting is freekin tough. Kids are wild little unpredictable creatures with minds of their own who don’t always want to behave in a way that’s socially acceptable.  Parents have to make a million choices every day. We pick our battles....more


Reduce – to bring down to a smaller extent, size, amount, number, etc. - http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/reduce...more

Pick Up America: Coast-to-Coast Cleanup

A few weeks ago, hours after attending my own going away party in Denver, Colorado, I came upon a young man standing outside a bus, asking, "Want a tour?" I thought he was offering to drive us around Denver and show us all the places that Elway or Tebow may have slept but he meant a tour of the bus itself, Due West. We came aboard and quickly realized that this was no ordinary bus and these ambitious young folks, Mark and Liz, were no ordinary bus dwellers....more
This is a very exciting project. I'm so glad you are doing it. It inspires me to keep picking up ...more

Who Threw Away The Opossum?

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) Yesterday morning, the Man of the House noticed something was amiss in the garage.  The recycling bins were a bit askew.  And the lid was off one of the big trash bins.  Which appeared to have no bag in it.  Although he knew he had put fresh bags in after his last trip to the recycling center.  Odd...Perhaps the bag slipped off and was down inside the can.  He took a look-see.  Yep,...more
bwahahahaha!!  Cozy?  clearly you have never seen the garage.  Then again, maybe an opossum ...more

Project Green Foot: Week 20

Project Green Foot: Week 19

The week began with me in Detroit for two days. I was invited by Ford Canada to attend the North American International Auto Show with 150 other bloggers from around the world. I really did my best to create the least amount of waste possible while traveling, which is not always easy. When it came to food, I ate everything-not leaving a morsel behind....more

Trash in Cape Town

I realized one of my travel dreams recently, when I spent eight days on a holiday break in Cape Town, South Africa. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather perfect, the food delicious.And then there was the trash.Somehow, when you go so far away, to a place so exotic, you don’t expect to find the same problems you deal with day to day at home. I sure didn’t....more
I live in Cape Town and I so agree! Just today I walked in Sea Point and looked down at all the ...more