Does your solder have a TBI - or concussion? Read this.

If your husband (or wife) has experienced a traumatic brain injury (or even a concussion), you should read this. There's new evidence that the risk of dementia rises with a TBI.If you've followed football, this is no surprise. The retired NFL players are complaining of dementia-like symptoms, likely caused by all the hard hits they've taken over the years. It's called "CTE"  (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and it's a progressive degenerative disease that can only be confirmed postmortem (sound familiar? Just like Alzheimer's)....more

The Invisible Man

After his fall, my husband was hospitalized with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and a very high blood-alcohol level.  Given those two factors, complicated by the immaciated body and unshaven, unclean person that emergency room workers were presented with, it was clear he was being labeled  a deralict.  Not on paper; not out load; but in the minds - and behavior - of the staff charged with his care....more

NFL taking cue from Army to add sensors in helmets

I'm so thrilled to hear that the NFL is looking into adding sensors to the helmets to help reduce head injuries.The Army does this now with H.E.A.D.S. - Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnosistic Systems, which are collect data from hits from explosives (and other blunt impacts). The HEADS measure things like:- location of the impact on the head- magnitude- how long the hit lasts- pressure of the blast- ambient temperature- number of impacts...more

Connecting migraines, TBIs and 'brain freeze'

At first, a study about 'brain freeze' might sound like one of those research projects that's just a big waste of money. (You know the ones: "Women are more likely to volunteer at their kids' schools than men!" - Newsflash!)...more

Mommy, Why Does Daddy Forget Me? Parenting with a Traumatic Brain Injury

"Mommy why does daddy forget things?" It's a question I'm not alarmed by, especially from my five-year old. Answering, however, is a whole lot more difficult. Daddy has a brain injury isn't exactly the perfect answer for an inquisitive child looking for in-depth answers as to why daddy sleeps longer than most daddies or cannot play with him like he wants him too because he can't focus long enough, or that he picks fights even at times, dropping himself to the same level as our kids because relating to children isn't always an easy scenario for FD. ...more
I have two kids, 6 & 9, and I had a stroke two years ago. I'm frustrated that there is so little ...more

More proof that brain cells can relearn after damage article above is a summary of a new finding on memories and how the brain can re-learn things, even after memories are basically erased.The structures between brain nerve cells are called synapses. The job of a synapses is essentially to relay messages. The electric signals that relay these messages are either strong or weak....more

Dept. of Defense awards $2 million to study brain training for TBI know, it's a START. But I actually think that:A) $2 million is not very much money at all for something that is so common among our returning soldiersB) this money would be better spent on in-person brain training, not Internet-based training. But, anything that can help these troops is a step in the right direction. ...more

Ex-NFL player with TBI kills himself so scientists will study his brain

This is such a sad story. A few weeks ago I wrote about a program I heard on NPR regarding football players and brain injury. The person being interviewed was trying to change the rules in football to protect players from traumatic brain injuries (TBI), many of which led to CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). The football industry wasn't having it. They didn't want stricter rules for helmets, how many hits you could take before needing to be sidelined, required testing for TBI, etc.  ...more

Does your son play football? Give him DHA

The February issue of "Neurosurgery" has a report about how taking DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) might help protect against traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yes, that's PROTECT - as in - TAKING DHA BEFORE THE INJURY EVEN OCCURS. In the study, rats wre given DHA. After one month, the researchers induced TBI (I know, that part doesn't sound nice). The rats taking the highest doses of DHA had a less TBI....more