How to stay fit and fresh on the road

Sometimes it can be hard to exercise, eat well and keep the routine you’re used to while traveling. These tips can help to ease the transition whether you’re moving from place to place, commuting once in awhile to see family or friends, or a week-long work trip in a new city. ...more

Avoiding Not-so-frequent Flyers

Ask any frequent flyer which months he or she dreads traveling the most and you’ll likely hear June thru August. Why? Because that’s when the not-so-frequent flyers take to the skies.I fly a few days each month and have spent enough hours wedged in between chronic questioners — the flight is still 90 minutes long, no matter how many times you ask the flight attendant — and close, non-stop talkers — I can only back away so much while buckled into my seat — to know that not everyone knows how to travel. These eight tips should help....more

Mr. Sancho's Beach Club~ Day Excursion in Cozumel Mexico!

Mr. Sancho’s Beach ClubCruise Excursion~ All Inclusive, Beach Day Fun ...more

5 Shore Excursions in Roatan Honduras!

*Mahogany Bay Private Beach Cabanas~ Price $225.99 / Cabana...more

You Better BELIZE It!

My family will visit Belize in less than a week, yippee, I’m excited but really don’t know diddly squat about Belize! We will embark on a seven night Western Caribbean cruise and my parents are being dragged along for the ride. Hold on tight folks…..I’m about to clue you in on my findings....more

Carnival Dream Review!

Key West, Florida "Points of Interest" Part 1

 Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square Gather with your Key West BFF’s to witness the most unforgettable sunset in the state’s southernmost point. Stroll Waterfront Square as you shop and/or eat your way to the most interesting performance on earth, well at least in Florida anyway. Partake in the daredevil attractions as they vie for your attention with “unique” nightly performances....more

Come join me with "Points of Interest in Key West!"

Conch Train Tour I purchased this attraction as our cruise ship excursion once we arrived in Key West; it can also be purchased online for additional savings. I bought the tickets at the Conch Train, Front Street depot and was given a cute little “map” fan, to help bring relief from Key West’s infamous humidity and view the landmarks we were about to see. Hours of operation are 9-4:30 daily and depart the depot every 30 minutes, prices vary....more

Keep Safe, Travel Smart - Safety Tips for Women

While looking up at the towers of the Sagra Familia in Barcelona, browsing the shop windows of Milan’s Via Montenepoleone or riding a European style trolley in San Francisco, it is  easy to get distracted and far easier for a pick-pocket to get his/her job done....more

How to prepare for a great summer road trip holiday

  Summer is coming and we all want to go on holiday in this time. So when going away it is best if we plan our trip accordingly. For this we should always prepare the luggage before. Also we should set up the exact road of where we go beforehand. We all know how tough it is when you finally sit in the car and then do not know exact directions. You can spend hours in the car looking for the right road to take. And in the end everybody gets super nervous and stressed. So it is a good advice to start planning in front. ...more