Breakfast of Road Warriors

RIVERSIDE Vegan on the RoadA perpetual concern of travelers everywhere is what to do for breakfast.  Lack of planning on the part of the traveler is common, and the quality of the traveler's experience is thus largely in the hands of one's innkeeper.  Unless you’re staying at a “bed and breakfast,” chances are better than average that you will be in for something inadequate, disgusting or, if you’re particularly unfortunate, both....more


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Scare Away the Travel Hiccups

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4 Tips every Solo Traveler Should Know

Travelling solo is an experience that totally changes your soul. A lot of goodness is added, and you are never the same person who went on that solo trip. If you have never been on a trip like that but are resolute to do so in the New Year, you must read the 4 tips every solo traveler should know about. These will not only inspire you but also give you a perspective of the real aspects of a solo traveler’s journey. Solo travel takes you beyond your inhibitions and prejudices – not just changing you but evolving you as a different being full of wisdom, wit and hearty laughs....more

Rwanda Gorillas, The Great Trek

A Rwanda walk with the mountain gorillas ...more

Why paying 25$ Canadian for a Kir Royale Isn't a Mistake

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