Boston Weekend

 We just got home from a fabulous Boston weekend.  We were in town for a family event and loved cruising through the city as much as we always have, it’s such a wonderful mix of ancient American history and modern fun. It’s also a great walking city with tons to see when you take the time to look around.  The drive was absolutely beautiful too with the changing foliage – I won’t complain that it took 5 hours for a normally 3 & 1/2 hour ride. But I guess I just did, whoops!...more

I Spy a Gold Dust Day Gecko

Hi Friends,...more

Most Eggheads Want to Talk It Away

I can't speak for an East African safari, but with the very private safaris of the Okavang...more

Off we go….. almost - (AKA - My son did a great job at airport security, but this guard did not)

I just finished reading a post from Autism-Mom, PREPARATION AND PANIC about the preparations for their big trip coming up – or should I say the “mind-race while one is trying to sleep” -preparations she is making for her family trip....more
thornhillmom BlogHer thank you for the RTmore

Local San Diego Review: Torrey Pines State Reserve

Located between La Jolla and Del Mar, Torrey Pines State Reserve is a fun coastal hiking, running or biking playground. The hiking is pretty easy, but it's also fun and comes with spectacular views up and down the San Diego coastline....more

Viking River Cruises on the Danube: Day 2

 After spending a couple of glorious days in Nuremberg, Germany, it was finally time to head to Erlangen where our Longship Viking Atla was docked. It was going to be our home away for home for a total of 8 days.Getting there was quite but a fun adventure and once we got on board, it was time to get acquainted.Come and take a look inside the award-winning Viking River Cruise ship, and admire the beautiful countryside as we make our way to our next destination, Regensburg....more

The Honorary Swamp Guard

Some time ago, I wrote about our Disney Cruise, in January, 2013 – where the rule, “Don’t pick up the Princesses” was born. At the end of that post I mentioned that there was another great story to be told from the end of that trip….. so finally, here it is....more

Stockholm, Sweden: An Old Friend

Stockholm, Sweden was the destination of my first trip abroad as a child. Since that family vacation I have probably been back to Stockholm around 10-15 times at different ages and in different company over the years- the last time with my husband just a few weeks ago. Stockholm is always there, welcoming like an old friend and giving me the feeling that we were never apart. Steady, familiar, reliable. An excellent mirror to reflect how I myself have changed over the years....more

Channel Islands National Park: Kayaking Around Santa Cruz

During our camping trip to Santa Cruz we decided to take a kayaking tour around the island, exploring caves, admiring the beautiful scenery, learning about the history and geology of the island, and spotting wildlife in and out of the water....more

What I Learned about Race, Independence (Day) and Sports on my Puerto Rican Vacation

July 8, 2015 What I Learned About Race, Independence (Day) and Sports in Puerto Rico… I recently travelled to Puerto Rico for a decompression vacation. One of those vacations to get away from the daily grind. A vacation to enjoy and be in the now. A vacation to remind me that life is full of the unexpected - and ALL of the unexpected needs to be accepted. ...more