Rediscover The First Coast of Florida

Rediscover The First Coast of FloridaBy Margie Jordan | Jordan Executive Travel Service

Luxurious Cruise on the Rhone River in France

Luxurious Cruise on the Rhone River in FranceBy Patti Jenkins| Luxury Culinary Adventures ...more

La Jolla, California…a Beautiful Jewel Found on the San Diego County Coastline

La Jolla, California, is truly a beautiful jewel found on the southern California coastline. ...more

My Brother Told Me: "Get a Real Job!"

He dove into his two patty burger with relish, taking a large bite as meat juice ran down his chin.  I picked at my salad.  We sat in silence listening to rock music blaring from the overhead speakers.  I suggested this place, since it was close to my brother's home.  It's rare that I visit and rather than aimlessly drive around the flat, grassy plains of Calgary's suburbs, it seemed a good idea to stop here....more
@ATableForOnePlease So nice meeting you here.  I'll definitely check out your blog.  It will ...more

Our Next Adventure

Holy schnitzel, we're headed to Germany! What I picture when I think of Germany ...more

The Comfort Zone

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I returned home on Monday from two weeks away from family (although, not friends) during my MFA residency in Ireland.  Residencies are always intense:...more

Customer satisfaction remembering a time when I wasn't 'delighted'

Ok the event I'm about to desribe happend a long time ago, the hotel I'm referring to is no longer under the same company and neither am I but I just had to vent because I never really got a chance to at the time of the event.  I am currently studying Marketing at University, and am taking a course on customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The course is very interesting and I'm learning a lot but after reading several articles, especially the one I'm reading now on delighting customers, I keep thinking back to time when I was not delighted, when I expected I would be....more

6 Weeks in the English Lakes #2: A Literary Map

If you don’t know where the English Lakes are, pull out your trusty map of England and look as far north and west as you can. (Go too far, and you’ll end up in Scotland.) To give you an idea of just how beautiful the Lakes are, when Elizabeth Bennett in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is invited by her aunt to travel with the idea of going perhaps as far as the Lake District, she “rapturously” cries, “My dear, dear aunt, what delight! what felicity! You give me fresh life and vigour! Adieu to disappointment and spleen. What are men to rocks and mountains? Oh!...more

10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights

10 Tips for Booking Cheap FlightsBy Meochia Stills | My Times Travel