Travel Hacks for Families

Travel Hacks for FamiliesAsk a mother what her idea of a vacation is, and I'll bet you she censors her answer.  What runs through her mind is, "a trip without the kids!"  That's not what she says, though…Until now.  After reading these hacks, moms will be rushing to their favorite booking site or travel agent, scooping up the best deals!  Ok, maybe not quite like that, but I promise that your next family vacation will be more enjoyable if you use my tried-and-true tips!...more

Cinderella, Santa, Haunted Houses and other “Scary Stuff” (or: Vacation debacles that worked out somehow)

A few years back…. well, probably more than just a few, we took a trip to Lake George. I remember going there as a kid. I remember Story Town, which we discovered when we arrived was now just a small part of The Great Escape Amusement Park. I remembered the North Pole that was quite a drive from Lake George, but worth the trip. Specifically I remembered that in Story Town there was a Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage ride. My son was a Cinderella fanatic. He was obsessed, still is at 22. “Citronelle” was one of his very first words....more

There’s No Place Like Home

 I am fortunate that DC loves to travel. This was not always the case and for a time I believed we would never be able to go anywhere at all, especially by plane. But now he loves to go everywhere and anywhere....more

Don't Waste Your Life Waiting for the Perfect Time

I had a nice talk with an old friend the other day. He is going to France for three months this summer....more
Hello  @reillysmom16,  what would be the point of having a coach purse you didn't use?  They say ...more

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The Best Kept Secret of the Routeburn Track?

If you’re planning or have planned a trip to the South Island of New Zealand, you may know that the Routeburn Track is arguably the most popular and best of the Great Walks. Some may regard the most popular sites as tourist traps or steer clear of them to get the most “authentic” experience when visiting another country....more

Baltimore, Over the Rainbow and Back – Part 2

After the fun-filled experience boarding the ship (Baltimore, Over the Rainbow and Back – Pt 1) things were looking up. DC had his cheese burger, I had my wine, everything was calm. The remainder of the day (Friday) was spent exploring the ship. DC as usual, loved the cabin, as small as a ship cabin is, in his mind it is a “hotel room” and a hotel room is way up there on his list of favorite things....more

Photography in Busan, South Korea

Sometimes you find beauty in conventional places. Othertimes, you have to trek off the beaten path. And sometimes, just sometimes you stumble upon it on accident or it falls into your lap. We stumbled upon this by accident and it also happened to be way off the beaten path. So much so that we got stopped by a local who was wondering why on earth we were exploring this part of the city. But let me back up....more

Serendipity: Living in a Small Town

Sunday 21 September 2014...more

Touring the Ice Hotel in Quebec

 An ice hotel right here in North America? Who would have thought!It exists and not only it is impressive, it really shows you that some people see opportunities where others think only of inconveniences.I have had the privilege of visited both of them. Yes, two of its kind are built during the cold season.One is in Montreal along with the Snow Village and the other is located only a short distance from Quebec City....more