A Tropical Paradise in the Land Down Under

The trip.

There was to be an exchange trip through the school. Students from Frobisher Bay, Nunavut were to make an exchange with students from our school.They said she could apply to go.They were saying, ‘yes’ a lot more now.  She was so excited when the school chose her as one of the exchange students. Her good friends were going too. I wanted to be excited for her but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. The trip took over all the conversation at home. ...more

Good Night Moon

In the great green room...Tonight, Carlos chose "Goodnight Moon" for his bedtime book.  We haven't read it in a few months--I never got the sense he really liked it, but what do I know?...more

From "Homemaker to Travel Maker"

10 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Solo Girl Traveling the World

Anika was seeking, and sought me out.  A few days ago, her email landed in my inbox.It was loaded. With questions.Can you tell me what’s it’s like?Oh, more painless than the dentist, I guarantee.Isn’t it frightening?I’m more afraid of rats.She was dying to know about IT.  Travel.  Not as a strapping Australian man or a one half of a couple on the verge of spending every day together, worried her relationship wouldn’t survive, and she’ll have to resort to abandoning his useless ass in El Salvador, but traveling strictly as a solo woman.Anika’s email was timely.  I’ve been doing this for a while now, so her nudge forced me to muse on what life lessons I’ve learned during the past three years....more

iTranslate Voice App, Tear Down the Language Barrier

We love to travel, especially to foreign countries.  While the language barrier has never scared us, it has put us on the wrong train to another country.  And no, that is not something we just made up.Continue reading → ...more

Dalla: A City, A Show, A Legacy

One of my favorite cities in the US ( besides Orlando of course),  is Dallas Texas! I lived in Texas when I was younger and have been able to go back and visit several times since I’ve been married.  ...more

9 Family Road Trip "Must Haves"

Our family has spent the past three months slow traveling around the Western U.S. in our trusty (and jam-packed) Honda Pilot. During that time, I estimate that we've spent well over 100 hours in the car with our children, including several 8-10 hour driving stints. Miraculously, the kids now think of four or five hours in the car as no big deal....more

5 foods for jet lag prevention & general travel sanity