Postcard from Los Angeles

  So I'm back in sunny California and  today I'm sending you a postcard from Los Angeles.  - Not even 48 hours ago I arrived in L.A., but not alone.Hier bin ich wieder - zurück im sonnigen Kalifornien und schon kommt eine Postkarte aus Los Angeles. Vor nicht einmal 48 Stunden bin ich in LA. eingetrudelt, aber nicht allein. ...more

Healing Power of Travel: A weekend in Paris

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram and my good friend (and spiritual adviser) Nina commented: “one day you should write about the healing powers of Paris”.  She was referring to an encounter we had in Paris in 2008.  Nina was my first friend in college.  She is almost six feet tall, blond, and bohemian. I am short, brown, and military.  On paper we are so different but we bonded over our similarities: our hometown of Rochester, NY, Puerto Rican roots, and most importantly, our passion for writing.  After graduation, we traveled different paths....more
RoshansRambling Thank you!more

Family Trip to MN

ast month we traveled to MN for our family vacation, and I thought I would share my tips for traveling with a little one.  ...more

5 Great Travel Ideas for the Lifelong Learner

Travel can be a great way to learn about new places and ideas. Latanya Hughes, Faculty Member, Hospitality Management at American Public University offers an enticing list of five great places to visit for the tourist who also wants to be a student....more

In That Other Half of the World

Today is the fall equinox--the day when dark and light are almost equal....more

5 Must-Do Chicago Attractions with Kids

Chicago is such an awesome city to visit: full of history, world-class museums, shopping, fun dining options and kid-friendly attractions. If you are thinking ahead to spring break or summer vacation, Chicago is definitely a place to keep on the list of musts for family trips. I have visited Chicago at least a dozen times over the years. Some trips were for business, some for a girls' only weekend, a few have been a one-day up and back Chicago day trip and, of course, the family vacation....more

This one weird trick to save money for travel - which isn't what you think - will restore your faith in humanity

 This one weird trick to save money for travel - which isn't what you think - was invented by a mum, will restore your faith in humanity, and your doctor doesn't want you to know about itA few weeks ago, Æ emerged from the study in a great flap of excitement asking if I knew how much money was in our bank account. I glanced at the calendar and estimated $X, because it was just after he'd usually get paid, but before I'd got around to doing anything about it....more

Ready for a road trip (tips for having fun)

I love adventure and I love road trips. The thrill of the open road (well, depends on the time of day and construction season), wondering what adventures await, and new memories to be made.Lots of things can make for a fun road trip. Often times, it’s the people in the car but then again, solo car trips can be fun too. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when heading out to the road:(Read more)...more

TRAVEL: Cleveland Museum of Art

What do families who live in the Midwest and on the east coast do when they want to meet but don’t want to sacrifice ten hours in the car to visit one another? You try to meet in the middle. For us, that meant visiting Cleveland, Ohio.Cleveland? What can you do in Cleveland?Prior to our trip, we hadn’t spent much time researching about Cleveland, but a friend who now calls Cleveland home recommended a long list of things to do and places to eat.What was on the top of her list? The Cleveland Museum of Art....more