How to Take Your Travel Blog to the Next Level

“ what?” It was the first thought to cross my mind once I had launched my website, The Pin the Map Project, and had officially put my thoughts out into the world. Born from the idea to travel long-term in 2016, The Pin the Map Project began as a blog to track how someone goes from a 9-5 corporate job to a full-time traveler before the age of 30....more


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Life, Love and Adventure’s 2014 Bucket List

Every year my bucket list changes, usually because I have knocked a few places off my list! Sometimes because I find about new and exciting places that make take priority over others. I doubt I would be able to travel through all these places this year but hey, a girl can dream, right? :)So, starting a new & fresh year means it’s time for a new year bucket list!(In no particular order)...more

Positive or Negative? It's all about Perspective!

Perspective: A mental view or outlook.“Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of a thought. A state of mind, perspective.” Perspective is an important skill to acquire. If used in a positive way it can benefit you greatly. Well, at least I am a firm believer of this. There is a positive to every negative, you just have to look at things through a different perspective!...more
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Attack of the Flying Rats

I went to the park the other day to eat my lunch. Even though it was a beautiful day, I wasn't really in the mood to eat outside. It was just that one of my favorite things about traveling with my husband on his business trips, is eating alone. Not! I hate it with a passion and avoid it at all costs. I'd rather go to a movie alone (which is another item on my will not do list) than sit alone in a restaurant....more

Last Day in Europe: Barcelona

On disembarkation day, we checked into the Pullman in Barcelona, dealt with Michael's lost bag (it was found) and just hung out in the hotel room until dinner.  So on Saturday, we were both antsy to get out and explore the city. ...more
Loved the photos and the reminders of the beautiful city.  Can't wait to meet you in person, as ...more

Travelbloggers Unite at BlogHer and on the Web

We're here, we're everywhere, get used to it! Okay, that's not really the message that the travelers who attended the travelbloggers meetup at BlogHer 08 sent, but it's not far off. "We matter!" is closer to the heart of things. ...more

I've always enjoyed reading blogs written by expats. I'd love to see a GOOD list put together ...more