Tiny Travelers: Seeing the World with Young Children

Traveling with young children is never an easy under taking.  Sometimes just the thought of planning the trip, packing and getting everyone and everything to your destination can be overwhelming.  When my husband got transferred to Ireland for 2 ½ years, we could have sat around, dreaming of all the things there were to see and do right outside our door or we could experience it ourselves, take in all that Europe had to offer.  We chose the latter.  We chose to bear the stress of the logistics and make our traveling dreams a reality. ...more

How I Survive a Road Trip With Kids

Just last week I made a five hour trek on the 99 highway with both kids. Alone. Was I nervous?   You bet. Was I racking my brain for every possible way I could make the trip bearable? You bet. Was I successful? You. Bet. ...more
Great post (funny too!) with lots of ideas - thanks! I like to put together a folder for each of ...more

Don't throw the baby out the window: Tips for traveling with kids and staying sane

So, I am will be soon going on vacation with my kids. Fun, yes?Hopefully...Thanks to some foresight, wine, and lots of patience, you too could have a relatively scream-free vacation....more
 @tennismama I take a lot of long car trips and plane rides with my two small children, often ...more

Traveling with Children Abroad

A great Huffington Post blog post, Six Tips For Traveling Internationally With Children by Michael S.Kaye, president of Costa Rica Expeditions, brought back a lot of memories....more

How smartphones have changed travel with families

Traveling today is different than it was just 2-3 years ago.First, it's a little easier to take some basic safety precautions. Before setting out, snap some pictures of the kids in their travel clothes. If you somehow get separated, it will be simple to show others what your child was wearing. ...more

That Dam Stupa (Vientiane, Laos)


Not feeling the 'luv'

Over the past seven months I have flown more than anytime in my life. By midnight tonight, my roundtrip flight count will be at 23. That is 23 round trip flights in seven months and this, my friends, is the reason for why I have also had 23 colds and a twitch in my left eye. ...more